Door County

 Last week Kellen and I took a bit of a impromptu trip to Door County since neither of us had been before.  Legend has it - it's the most gorgeous part of Wisconsin.  Legend was right.  I was potentially the worst blogger even and only managed to take pictures of our ice cream adventure at Wilson's.  I promise we did much more than just eat ice cream.  Kellen surprised me with a kayak trip {there's Instagram proof of that}.  Since it was just a day trip, after the three hour drive we were starving but had limited time before our kayak left, so we got take out at a super cute down-home pub and inhaled it on the drive to the lodge.  Once on the water, with the sun beating down on us {yet somehow still icicles for fingers - naturally in Wisconsin...}, we were perfectly content.  Give us water and an adventure and we are set for life.

After being on the water for two hours, baby was hungry again.  A friend of mine had recommended Wilson's for ice cream.  Let me tell you.  If you ever find yourself in Door County, get your booty to Wilson's.  It. Was. Delish.  Since there was a $10 minimum to use a card, I HAD to get a double scoop {and nearly made myself sick - I haven't been able to do sweets hardly and I might have gotten a little excited...  sorry baby}.  All in all, it was just so nice to escape with Kellen for a day.  Things have been absolutely nuts around here, so to drive out to much less populated areas, marvel over God's green earth and just hang with my man was just what I needed.  If we had more time- you'd better believe there would be more pictures.  We could have easily stayed a week...  Long live road trips and mini-vacas!


  1. Oh my god I want ice cream so badly now! That cone looks amazing.

  2. I'm sharing my story from Door County this afternoon. Glad you enjoyed Wilson's as much as we did!

  3. haha of course you had to do a double scoop!! why not make it a triple? oh i love ice cream so much


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