Ladies Who Lunch

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Quyen of June & Jae Photography.  This girl's Instagram {@juneandjae} has always blown me away.  Seriously, she has got an eye.  She also happens to be a friend of Molly's so I got to barge in on lunch with them and Quyen's friend Amanda.  And even managed to get some shots.  It's a bummer I'm just now meeting her, she's just such a cute little gem of a person. 
(Shirt F21, Jacket Urban Outfitters, Jeans Nordstrom, Shoes DSW, Necklace J.Crew)

I was hoping that Quyen would offer to shoot even before I headed to lunch, so I was uber picky about my outfit.  And especially since we were meeting in Walkers Point, which is a trendy, up-and-coming area of MKE.  {I may or may not have changed like 4 times.  Whatever.}  After a delish lunch at Zak's Cafe, we walked over to check out Molly's new office - which was perfect since it was pouring cats and dogs.  How amazing is this warehouse space!?  The lighting was incredible and Quyen just whipped out her cam.  {YES!}  Then Amanda busted out her Polaroid camera, hello awesome.  It was great shooting with Molly again.  Since her moving to a new building and me quitting work, we haven't seen each other that much.  She's such a fun girl, always good for a laugh and giggle.  So clearly, you can tell it was a great afternoon.


  1. ok obsessed with ur outfit! the camo and that necklace plus the stripes is fabulous! great post too :)

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  2. Awesome pics! Great outfits!

  3. you two are my faves. and these pictures are SO SO beautiful. no shame about the outfit change- i do that all the time ;)

    xoxo, lauren


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