Make Mine A Single

 This past Sunday was a total take-it-easy kind of day.  Kellen flew black from California the night before and didn't get in until late, so naturally that means we opted for the evening church service {aka: slept in} and had a quick coffee date before meeting up with friends for a BBQ.  I'm 100% all about comfort right now, so when a friend gave me her old AG maternity jeans, I flipped a lid at how incredibly comfortable they are.  It's like wearing leggings.  Technically I don't quite need to start in with the maternity gear yet, but it's like heaven on my belly, so why not?  I've also been dying to wear this little baseball cap I snagged on uber sale at J.Crew a while ago.  Something about the neon yellow/green with red just really gets me going. 
 (Shirt H&M, Jeans AG Maternity, Sandals F21, Hat J.Crew, Necklace J.Crew)

This little coffee shop, Valentine, is Kell and my favorite place hands down.  It has a very Seattle-ish feel to it {i.e. hipster.  We're talking pour-overs, quality roasting and mainly just straight up coffee that will really get you buzzing.  They do have a vanilla bean latte I DIE over and a Indulgence salted caramel mocha.  Don't say I didn't warn you... ;)}.  I found that I can finally do coffee if I absolutely do decaf and only one shot of espresso.  Or basically, the more milky it is the better.  But let's be honest, I'm a totally sucker for coffee dates with Kellen.  Since the beginning of our time, coffee dates have been were we best communicate and, lots of time, talk over our big decisions.  Something about the combo of coffee and my man will always equal a warm fuzzy feeling.


  1. love your outfit! you always look great!

  2. super cute and i totally agree whenever i am preggers i will DEF be opting for comfort (hehe i do that now anyways!) beautiful sunday afternoon thanks for sharing!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion


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