Purge It Real Good

I know you have all just been DYING for me to tell you when we're having our garage sale so here it is!  This Sunday from 8am until {we run out of things or people stop showing up, so maybe...} 2pm, swing by our 'Tosa place and dig through our crap.  We have clothing {some of Kell's to, fellas}, kitchen ware, electronics {including a yellow marshmallow man who dances to the beat of your music- who wouldn't want that?!}, a Chia Pet Freemont Troll {again, cha-ching}, craft supplies, cold weather gear, books and movies galore, you name it, we {might} have it. 
I feel incredibly weird about actually posting this, but if I don't, well, that makes it harder on you.  Our address is 2651 N. 63rd St, Wauwatosa, Wi 53213.  Stop on by.  Even if you don't buy my raggedy clothes, I'd still love to see your MKE face.  One week, people {ONE WEEK!? How did this happen already!?}, and we're headed west.


  1. wish i lived closer! we did one recently and it was such a success perfect time of year! good luck!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  2. I would LOVE to sort through your castoffs! Wish I lived in Wisconsin right about now :)

  3. You may just be seeing my face. I love garage sales and even better when you know it's someone who isn't just selling baby toys or outdated dishes lol :)

  4. He wouldn't be happening to be offloading his Mountain Bike would he? :D

    1. Haha no. He'd be depressed for weeeeeeks ;)


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