City of Angels: Ace Hotel

During our journey out west, I had some down time to spend in Los Angeles with Kellen's parents while he was out in D.C. for work.  I took the opportunity to meet up with one of The Everygirl editors, Valerie of Lily On Fillmore, who has been an inspiration and Instagram pal.  I was beyond ecstatic when she suggested to meet at Ace Hotel for lunch in downtown LA. I have seen so many pictures of this place and nothing but raves, so naturally, I was all in.  {And maybe the worst blogger every because I didn't take a pic of my DELISH egg sandwhich...  #fail}.  But great news - they serve Stumptown coffee and I said screw it, give me a latte, Stumptown is worth it.  And lemme tell you, it really was...
(Tee Aerie, Vest Madewell, Shorts Old Navy, Shoes DSW, Sunnies H&M, Earrings J.Crew)
After lunch and chatting it up with Valerie {this girl is truly a gem}, we wondered upstairs to the rooftop to, you know, do a mini photo shoot {because that's what bloggers do, right?}.  People did stare a bit, but Valerie reassured me that people in LA are totally used to it and don't really care.  So that made it a little better than the nonstop 'tourist' comments and stares from Milwaukee people.  I'm already itching to go back and have another latte and sandwich.  Seriously.  Such a great experience.

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