God Bless The US of A

 Since this week happens to be the week that Kellen and I celebrate 3 years of a wild ride together, I'm going to go ahead and warn you now- watch out - lovey dovey photos galore.  Before we left for California we agreed to do a photoshoot with Kate {you'll see the outcome of this week}.  After the shoot, she decided to snap these pics because she was digging what I was wearing {I knew I wasn't the only one who loves my grandma's-blanket of a sweater}.  It happened to work out perfect since we're in red, white and blue.  So American.  Speaking of - I hope you have some sweet vaca time this week!  Go play, stay up late, have a cold one and just in general enjoy where you are and who you're with.
(Her: Shirt J.Crew, Sweater F21, Shorts Urban Outfitters, Boots Target
Him: Shirt J.Crew, Shorts J.Crew, Belt J.Crew, Boat Shoes Thrifted)

But really, how dreamy is this background?!  It really blows me away how diverse the US of A is.  Currently I'm in a desert by the ocean with a sprinkling of mountains.  For the past 6 years I've been in the North where things are ridiculously lush and green and just beautiful in general.  Prior to that, I grew up in the heart of America: the plains.  I won't lie to you.  There's just a smidgin part of me that misses the green.  The crazy/creepy thunderstorms.  The day of this shoot it was one of the midwest's best crazy/creepy thunderstorms.  The kind where suddenly the temperature drops like 20 degrees and the sky turns shades of blue-green.  I've had basically nothing but sun and 75 degrees for the past month {which is heaven, yes}, but there is that little bitty part of me that could go for a rainy day.  The creepy kind where the thunder is so loud you shrink back like a little kid.  Ok so clearly, I'm a Midwestern at heart...  but I really am loving working on my tan all at the same time...  #identitycrisis.  
God bless the USA.  Seriously.  

Also- quick Happy Birthday shoutout to my lifelong BFF, Danielle.  She just had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, Finley Noelle, so happy one week and one day to that little precious girl.  Cannot wait to meet her!  Maybe our babes will be BFF- if they're ever in the same state... ;)

photography:  Kate Weinstein Photo

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