Oh my lanta the past two weeks have been a whirlwind of changes and craziness.  {Like the fact that I'm doing laundry at a laundry mat - coin is where it's at here in the south pacific apparently- and sucking wifi from a coffee shop since AT&T is being a little slow on the uptake.} All of it so exciting, but naturally, frustrating at times {like not getting our stuff on time and living on an air mattress and out of our suitcases for a week, thanks Uhaul}.  But I'll get to all that later.  Yesterday was Kellen's first Father's Day.  Well, kind of.  I mean, the kid isn't out of the womb yet, but let's be honest, we were just looking for an excuse to get him a surfboard and this was the perfect opportunity.  Thanks, Kino from Craigslist, you just made my husband's dreams come true.

Just down the street from our place {.61 miles to be exact} is a "local's only" beach.  We stumbled upon it on our trip out here last April and immediately fell in love.  It is mildly intimidating because the surfers at this beach are, well, legit.  I was so proud of Kell for getting out there and going for it.  I was also mildly jealous.  Post-baby I'm sure I'll be begging for my turn.  In general, this feels like some crazy, amazing extended vacation.  Everything just seems unreal.  The beach.  Acai bowls for days.  Coffee shop after coffee shop just walking distance from our place.  Palm trees.  Succulents. The beach {oh did I mention that already?}.  I'm quite caught up in it at the moment.

{And just so this is stated.  Kellen won't be 100% thrilled about this post.  He's not a fan of making the blog.  Specifically if his shirt is off.  BUT, I couldn't resist.  I needed a reason to whip my cam out and it seemed perfect.  So.  Sorry Kell.  Love you. ;)}


  1. haha thanks for supplying content Kellen ;) So happy you guys have a beach close by!

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  2. aaaa...love your sost, so Inspiring:)
    keep in touch from Borneo, Indonesia...

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  3. An own beach for locals, ow that's awesome! I would definitely like to try surfing, looks so cool!


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