Spotted: A Bump

Well happy Tuesday to you!  Sorry for the hiatus {I can't promise it's over...}, things have been a little nuts getting settled in plus already having two sets of guests.  This week should be a little quieter, giving me some time to get my life together and maybe blog a bit.  These photos were actually taken on Father's Day a couple Sundays ago and yes, we are beginning to see a bump!  I'm officially four months away from popping this kid out and have been a little frustrated with the lack of bump.  I swear, people at our new gym have got to be thinking I could stand to run a few more miles and should FOR SURE work on my abs...  It's that awkward phase of just looking chunky.
(Dress Old Navy, Vest Madewell, Sandals Urban Outfitters, Earrings Lizzibeth)

The nice thing about not getting very big is that I still have a fairly good selection of 'normal' clothes to choose from- as long as I stick to boyfriend jeans and dresses/skirts.  This dress was one of last summer's favorites and I'm so glad I can still easily wear it.  It was just perfect for a Sunday of exploring a new church and a late lunch at the cutest outdoor cafe.

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  1. Congratulations! you look great and I love that dress!


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