A San Francisco Treat

 So here it is, I finally snagged some time to edit our San Francisco trip pictures.  Kellen surprised me with a trip to this city I've been dying to visit for our 3rd Anniversary/Babymoon.  I was BEYOND excited to have at this city.  I've heard so many great things about it, hello, it's like a mash-up of San Diego and Seattle {so I hear, and I agree completely with}.  It was overcast and chilly like Seattle, but then a little palm tree would pop up and the sun would come out and you felt the California of it.  Perfect.  Our first afternoon/night, we got a quick car tour from one of Kellen's coworkers who was a saint and picked us up from the airport.  He took us down Lombard Street and told us where not to go and where was a good idea to explore.  We checked into our hotel, The Opal {I highly recommend it- don't check Yelp first or it might freak you out- but we had a great experience in the charmingly quaint, old hotel}, partook in the free cheese spread and wine {well, Kellen got to drink some wine...} then hit the streets.  We walked a total of probably 10 miles in two and a half days - I kid you not.  I felt so fit after we left.  We wandered towards Mission, hitting up the Three Sisters view made famous from Full House, then found Bi-Rite Creamery recommend by a friend.  Kellen's toffee sundae was out of this world.  We're talking coffee ice cream loaded with house-made toffee, almonds, and hot fudge.  But I was quite content with my banana fudge and mint chip scoops. 
The next day we woke up earlier than I typically would, but I mean, we had a city to see.  First things first, we had scouted out two coffee roasteries that we wanted to try out, so to Sightglass we went and it did not disappoint.  The atmosphere was perfect - I could have sat there all day and people watched out the window or from the balcony seating- and the mocha was one of the best I've had in a while {praise the Lord that finally sounds appealing again}.  The wood decor and bikes hanging on the wall added just the touch of hipster that means it's going to be great coffee.
After coffee we began our juant towards the Fisherman's Warf.  Let me tell you, the jacket came off as we sweat our arses up those hills.  I seriously haven't had a booty workout like that in ages, but the views, oh the views.  Spectacular.  ** Sidenote: I wouldn't mind living in Nob Hill if I ever thought we could afford it.  It is unbearably cute with amazing views of the bay and city.** 
We found the Buena Vista Cafe just as we thought our stomachs would eat themselves.  Kellen had been here before and was jonesing for an Irish Cream Coffee {again, a little sad I couldn't get down on that.  Whiskey and coffee!?  Hello, friend.}.  But really, it was the cutest little tavern by the water.  Totally a fisherman's haven back in the day.  After splitting a garden burger and fries, we spotted Ghirardelli.  THE Ghirardelli.  Where all the magic is made.  So naturally, we needed a chocolate shake while sitting in the sun in the middle of Ghirardelli Square {again, too cute for words}.
When our stomachs couldn't take anymore, we walked our way up to Fort Mason {a big park/old fort area} overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.  Thankfully it wasn't a completely foggy day so we actually got some views of the bridge as well as Alcatraz.  We even ran into a fellow ex-Wisconsinite {in her Packer's gear, naturally} and got her to snap some photos of us.  We found ourselves starting to drag so we hiked back to our hotel for la siesta.  Once we'd regained out strength {a nap will solve everything}, we tied our tennis shoes up again and ventured out for some shopping and pizza for dinner.  Due to it being the fourth of July weekend we found some ridic deals at Union Square {50% off sale at Urban Outfitters and 75% off sale at Quicksilver... damage, people}.  A friend had recommend Tony's Pizza in North Beach for dinner, so we walked to Little Italy of San Fran.  All I can say is the pizza was mouthwatering delish and I never wanted to leave the area.  Twinkling lights and street cars galore.  We were so tired and full that night, we Uber-ed it the mile back to the hotel. #worthit
 On our last morning, Kell hit the gym and I went on a 5 mile run seeking a better view of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Unfortunately the fog was out of control thick so I didn't get a good view- but again, my booty got a kicking, so that was fun.  After our fitness sesh we showered, packed up and lugged our luggage with us to Hayes Valley to test out Ritual Coffee Roasters.  Another day, another delish mocha.  The best part about this Ritual Coffee was it's al fresco seating.  After hanging in the park for a bit, we realized how hungry we were and popped into La Boulange for some brunch.  If you're like me, you've recognized La Boulange from the revamped Starbucks pastry case.  No wonder Starbucks made a deal like that with them - my egg sandwich was heaven.  And let's talk about the fact that they have a jar of nutella sitting by their cream and sugar station.  Just in case you need some on your toast.  Genius.
Our flight left in the afternoon, getting us back to San Diego in time to pick a Seattle friend up from the airport, grab some tacos from a taco stand and catch some fireworks.  So all in all, I loved San Francisco.  Maybe partially because it reminded me so much of Seattle...  But either way, it was such a treat to explore new places with Kellen and just have some time away with him in a new city.  Something about adventuring just always is special.  Puts us in our happy place.  So thanks Kell.  Great surprise.  Love you.


  1. ugh! what a beautiful, beautiful city!! i've always wanted to go :)
    i've seen some of these photos i believe on instagram, and they are all so summery and pretty :)

    xo, Brikena

  2. Awesome pics! Love seeing the diversity of San Fran! Thanks for sharing!!!


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