As soon as I saw this dress in the J.Crew summer catalog this past spring, I flipped and knew I just HAD to have it.  Wouldn't you believe it actually fits better at 28 weeks pregnant than at 18?  J.Crew might have overshot the size range on this one- a 7 month pregnant lady should not be wearing a size 0 {in case you're wondering about ordering -go down a size (or two)}.  I wore it out last Saturday night when Kellen and I met up with some friends for dinner in the cutest little neighborhood, South Park.  It was very family oriented yet trendy and just, well, super cute.  Post beach days, it wouldn't be the worst neighborhood to move to.  I'm so thankful for a set of friends here to show us around {even if she says I look like a highlighter - in the best way possible, of course, ha}.
(Dress J.Crew (similar), Sandals Urban Outfitters, Sunnies H&M)

Last Sunday I went for a beach run before church.  Half way into my run it started raining and thundering.  It was unreal.  On my right I had waves crashing and on the left thunder rumbling.  I mean, is there anything else in the world that will make you feel small and remind you how much bigger this world and this life is than ourselves?  I've always been a lover of being in nature and experiencing the elements and that Sunday morning was just everything I needed.  I was 28 weeks pregnant that day and hadn't run all week because I wasn't feeling it {aka: it hurt}, but I was feeling it that day, and there was thunder and waves and rain.  It was an epic day for a 3 miler - rain down-pouring on me the last 2 miles and I felt alive. And great.  And just so very thankful that I had a Sunday morning treat, just for me, from the Big Guy.
"My heart is steadfast, O Lord, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and give praise...  I will praise you, O Lord, among the peoples; for your mercy reaches to the heavens, and your truth unto the clouds"  Psalm 57:7-10


  1. I love the colour of the dress and you look really wonderful :)

    xx Katha



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