Lashes For Days

A week and a half ago Kellen and I went to Cleveland to watch our friend's Nate and Marcy get married.  Well, I watched, Kellen actually officiated the ceremony.  There are two things I require when getting ready to attend a wedding {or getting dressed up in general}: a great dress and lashes for days.  A while ago, Jordin from I Love That!, contacted me about doing a review of Younique 3D Fiber Lashes.  I'm a sucker for mascara since it's the only makeup I wear.  3D Fiber Lashes blew my mind.  It's like false lashes without the difficulty.  It comes with two wands: one wand a sealing gel and the other wand is actual fibers.  You start with a coat of gel then swipe the fibers over the gel, then once again with the gel to seal the fibers in.  Repeat as many times as you want to get as lush lashes as you so desire.  I did three coats - easy peasy, no mess and fab eyelashes.  I'm sold.  To get your own, check out Jordin's Younique site HERE.  Thanks Jordin for introducing me!
(Dress Forever21 (similar), Shoes Jessica Bennett, Earrings J.Crew, Clutch Thrifted)

I will not lie to you, I spent a total of close to 5 hours looking for a dress.  I have been slightly against buying maternity clothes at this point - I'm barely big enough, slash think I can get away wearing things I buy now, post-baby.  So I was determined to find a dress in a regular store.  After multiple coffees {half-caffs, *sigh*} and multipule trips {and almost tears}, I finally found this little number at Forever21, of all places, and totally fell in love.  I love how it's fitted up top, yet tummy comfy.  While wearing this dress, I got asked for the first time by multiple strangers, when I was due.  It was like, "Finally, I look pregnant and not just fat!".  Best. Night. Ever.  Only took 6 1/2 months...


  1. Your lashes look amazing!! Thanks for sharing! And I love that dress. Have you looked at ASOS maternity? They have some pretty cute stuff thats reasonably priced. I didn't wear a ton of maternity stuff when I was pregnant but sometimes you just have to!

  2. first of all, these photos are beautiful
    second of all, this dress looks amazing on you... or you amazing in it.. idk but you're so prettty! and i love those shoes ;)

    xo, Brikena


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