Lately things have been a little nuts.  Between moving, multiple visitors, a trip to San Francisco for our anniversary {I'll blog that soon, I promise}, another friend visit and now a trip to Pittsburgh/Cleveland - I haven't had much time for blogging.  But I'm not complaining- life at this point is pretty great and one massive adventure.  While our friend Jason from Seattle was visiting for the 4th, we did some San Diego exploring.  Because I didn't want to look like a tourist in my own city, I didn't bring my camera {I just need to suck it up, I totally regret not having it...}.  Thank goodness for iPhones. We started Saturday with acai bowls and beach volleyball in Del Mar.  After playing for a couple hours we found a beach-side sports bar so the boys could watch soccer {while inhaling a plate of nachos, naturally} followed by surfing {me spectating} and burgers.  Basically the perfect Saturday.
Jason is a total foodie so last Sunday we ventured out for recommended brunch.  Urban Solace was no disappointment.  They had a live blue grass band to match their southern, down-home comfort food.  This was one of those times I really missed being able to consume whiskey- it was the perfect place for it.  However my lemonade mocktail was pretty tasty itself.
After consuming our delish brunch we explored a bit of the neighborhood, North Park.  It's absolutely adorable and totally hipster.  It is now on our list of 'places we might move after a year on the beach' list.  We stumbled into the cutest little store, Pigment.  It was clearly carefully curated into a dream for anyone with an appreciation for darling little nick-knacks and the quaint things of life.  They even had a terrarium making station, complete with shelves of succulents.  Hello, yes.  A great place for inspiration and little gifts.  We might have even found a super cute little baby baseball tee...
So all in all, I feel like my life is on a constant vacation {sprinkled with a couple days a week of work at J.Crew}.  The beach, exploring new places or actually hoping on a plane and exploring new places.  I feel so incredibly blessed to be having such a great time and experiencing so much.  In church last Sunday, however, I felt that ping of missing community.  It's been great having so many visitors because it distracts me from the fact that I haven't had time to make friends.  Hoping on a plane to the Midwest, did not distract though.  I might have even envisioned landing in Milwaukee.  In some moments I terribly miss my Wednesday morning coffee talk with my girls.  My blogging community.  My church community.  All the lush green-ness that is the north Midwest.  But I guess these distractions aren't the worst... ;)

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  1. Oooh, I want to go to all of these places! And I LOVE that crazy coffee table!


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