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As I mentioned in my last post, Kellen and I were in Cleveland for a wedding two weeks ago.  Neither of us had been to Cleveland before and wanted to take a little time to explore a bit of the city.  The wedding wasn't until the evening so that morning, Kellen, Nate {the groom} and I went for a run along Lake Erie.  Did you know Canada was literally right across the lake?!  I didn't.  Running along the lake there had the same vibes as running in Milwaukee and Chicago and made me nostalgic for good 'ol MKE.  {After being in California for a month, it' blew my mind how lush and GREEN everything was.  Gorgeous.}  Naturally, after our run, our next mission was coffee.  We headed downtown-ish and found Rising Star Coffee Roasters.  With an epic camper out front, they had this girl at hello.  These people were serious about their coffee {making them perfectly hipster} so our mochas were delightful. 
After coffee we wandered over to a park to sit in the sun and get another view of Lake Erie {and naturally, have a mini photo shoot that didn't exactly turn out well...}.  Just sitting the park, people watching, soaking up sun with my man was really everything I could ask for in an afternoon.  So relaxing and great.  {And really, this J.Crew maxi dress is everything - and even on sale in stores}. 
Nate and Marcy's wedding was beautiful.  They're just classy people and whatever they do has class, yet with an invitation to let loose and have fun.  I will add that Nate has been antsy to get on the blog {a running joke we have that involves him sending me pictures of him in his J.Crew suit, ha}, so here's his big reveal ladies and gents - he finally made Street Lily!  And how dapper is he on his big day?!  It was such a fun evening.  Marcy was beautiful.  The food and drinks {so I hear} were delicious.  There was dancing and even a caricature artist.  The best thing about traveling to the East Coast time zone was that I could actually last until midnight.  Party animal I know...

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