My Favorite {Pregnancy} Things

 I greatly apologize if talking about baby/pregnancy is getting annoying...  After this, I promise I'll try to incorporate other things, ha.  However, I know that so so so many of my friends are currently pregnant and I just wanted to share what's really been numero uno {and dos and tres} on my list of must-haves.  First off, this little Fruit of the Womb book... too cute.  It was given to me my by thoughtful sister in law, whose friend actually illustrated it.  Week by week you see what size of fruit your little nugget is.  Secondly, this Lush massage bar...  out of control amazing.  Again, a gift, and it's everything your stretching belly needs and more.  Your body heat actually melts it {you know, that radiator in your belly}.  And this Voluspa Crane Flower candle- great for my nose {personally}. 
 I'd heard women talk about body pillows, but I didn't really believe in them until I slept with one.  Let's just say I easily sleep 11 hours a night in this Today's Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow and Kellen loves it because I actually stay on my own side at night...  Moisturizing has been a must, so post-shower, on goes the Burt's Bees Mama Bee belly butter followed by Cetaphil on the limbs.  I used to be an avid Aveeno user, but apparently it makes me itch now. Who knew.
And naturally, comfort is king.  I've had to purchase a few imitate items: the Old Navy yoga bra and Gap Body hipster shorts have been heavily leaned on.  I also snagged this Lululemon tank on sale and wear it more than I probably should.  I went up a size, but due to the stretchiness and length of it, I can tell it's going to make it to the end of this belly.  Plus the material is just so soft and doesn't irritate my belly button {mega win}.  Lastly, we all know Birkenstocks are quite popular this summer and well, thankfully it happens to be the summer I'm with child.  I really don't think Kell would have caved if I didn't have the kid to blame it on.  I simply said, "Do you want to tie my shoes or buy me Birks?".  Birks were in the mail the next day and easily worth it.  Just sliding them on plus having the arch support makes this soon-to-be mama ridiculously happy {and still on trend ;)}.

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