The 'Burgh

This summer has been a little ridiculous - in the most awesome way.  We moved {crossing six states and seeing family and friends along the way}, we got to go to San Fran for our anniversary/babymoon, we saw great friends get married in Cleveland, and - most recently- we got to explore Pittsburgh - a new {to us} city.  I finally got around to editing the photos, so here ya go.  Uber special thanks to Jon and Jodi {who we met on our St. Kitts trip last spring}, for letting us crash and being the best tour guides EVER.  Let me tell you, there is quite a charm to Pittsburgh.  They almost had me convinced to leave sunny San Diego to embrace the greenery and yellow bridges - which, did you know? Pittsburgh has more bridges than anywhere in the world.  The old school architecture and industrial-ness of it was pretty spectacular.  Our first night there, Jodi and Jon had us ride The Incline up to Mount Washington Overlook.  Back in the day, it was what people took down the massive hill into the city to work.  The view from the top...  full range of the whole city.  It was incredible.
 Sunday morning we drove downtown for breakfast and to experience all that is The Strip.  We brunched big time at Pamela's Diner {after stopping for mini donuts at Peace, Love and Little Donuts - of course}.  If you ever find yourself at Pamela's I HIGHLY suggest you get the Lyonnaise Potatoes.  Mind blowing.  After stuffing our faces, we wandered over to a totally, 100% Italian coffee shop and got our coffee fix.  The Strip {at least what we saw} had a heavy Italian influence.  There was mulitpule shops that were just loaded with everything you would ever need for an Italian feast, including vats of olive oil where you can bring in your own bottles and fill 'em up.  On top of that it was Pastries, Pirates and Steelers galore {just think black and yellow everywhere}.
Because I get pretty pooped pretty fast, we came back to take the afternoon easy {after shopping and more coffee in Shadyside of course}.  They live in the cutest little suburb called Sewickley, which totally reminded me of Wauwatosa - where we lived in Wisconsin.  Big, old, old money homes among lush green trees.  I went on a walk and feel in love with castle after castle and just the greenness of it.  
Our last day in Pittsburgh we ventured to Lawrenceville and found a coffee shop that was highly recommended to me - Espresso A Mono.  It was raining cats and dogs that morning so we hovered under an umbrella to check out a bike store then called it good and went in search of lunch.  Jodi insisted we try Primanti Brother's since it is basically the foundation of the city.  The sandwiches they make were originally made so the miners could eat everything {there's coleslaw and fries on this thing!} at once - all in one hand, so as to keep working.  The 'wich... DELISH.  A must-try.
Pittsburgh had so many similarities to Milwaukee it was crazy:  they kind of felt like an extension of each other.  Both have so much character and history and charm.  And seriously, Jodi and Jon were the best hosts.  Jodi has quite the amazing collection of vintage items {she estate sale and vintage shop hunts in her free time and resells it on Beekman 1802 as well as just started blogging on their site about vintage wares.  She has an eyes for vintage that never disappoints - and she usually finds the most amazing deals {Schwinn bikes for $15!!}.  Check her stuff out - she's right on target.

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