I've had this dress for years, thanks to my difficulty with purging.  I wore it was my first trip downtown Seattle, I can't just let a memory like that go.  I wore it with black boots - small town girl in her first big city - feeling like a million bucks.  I might have also had a little more college chub then so the dress that has been huge for the past few years, fits the bump perfectly now.  The last few weeks it has been much toastier here in SD and I've been relying on easy, breezy dresses to get me through.  This one is for sure a winner in my book.
(Dress Gap, Shoes DSW, Glasses Urban Outfitters, Watch Michael Kors)

I still cannot believe I'm 29 weeks.  That means 11 {give or take} more to go.  I was telling Kellen, it's like I haven't really acknowledged that I'm actually pregnant.  I've been attempting {and recently epically failing} to do what I normally do - working out, running around acting like I have all the energy in the world - kind of just pretending I can do it all and am not affected.  This past Sunday we went and looked at strollers {our first ever act of preparing for baby} and suddenly it just all seemed to hit me.  This is really happening.  We're going to have a child in 11 weeks.  Like, whoa.  Let's also talk about registering...  we decided to register on Amazon, just to make things easier for those who don't live in close proximity {which is basically everyone we know}.  Within an hour I was so overwhelmed and felt so under prepared for what is going to happen to our lives.  Even just checking out strollers.  SO. MANY. OPTIONS.  Is this really necessary!?  Coming from a person who has a hard time making any decision as it is - how the heck am I supposed to decide what is best with for me and the kid?  Seriously America...  So tell me - what's your favorite baby products?


  1. Ugh... I feel you girl. The thought of registering seems daunting. I'm even way behind you but it is still overwhelming! As far as strollers, carseats, etc., my sis used chico brand and it seemed to be great for her and so to avoid any confusion I think I might just go with all that too!

  2. It's is so overwhelming...All the options and choices. We've got baby #4 on the way and some of the basics we always go back to are - my one true love my BOB stroller (I don't run but this baby is lighter and with much better steering than many other strollers ) my ERGO, Aden & Anais Swaddle blankets, Amber teething necklace, and our new go to, never be caught dead without - Copiaba Essential oil from Young Living.'s 100% pure and i haven't seen anything work half as well for teething!! Congrats

  3. OMG love your baby belly :) love this look on you too

    My blog address have change and i would be so happy if you would follow it too :)

  4. I have 3 kids, ages 1 1/2 - 5, so I can tell you - go minimal! I can't recommend a Mamaroo enough! It's amazing - swing, bouncy seat all in one. It plays music and has calming sounds. The thing does all different motions. Get one! Don't buy toys now. Get a good sling or baby carrier - I've heard great things about ergo baby. I like a good baby bathtub. Butt paste is great diaper cream. I like Chico car seats because they have #1 safety ratings and then Britax after one year. Strollers are preference. I have Chico because it goes with car seat, but many like jogging strollers - Graco one has good reviews. Burts bees shampoo and wash all in one is nice. If you plan to breast feed and need to pump go for a medela pump! That's about all I can think of - my brain is fried... I have 3 littles!

    1. Thanks Ashleigh! You are a dream! I'm checking out your recs as we speak - genius!!


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