Got It From My Mama

 Last weekend Kellen and I ventured over to toasty-hot Phoenix where my most amazing in-laws were hosting a baby shower for little Baby C {more on that Friday... it takes a little longer to edit those photos}.  Being me, naturally, my biggest concern going in was, what the heck am I going to wear?!  I've been keeping things pretty simple - easy dresses, oversize tops and elastic shorts.  But this, this calls for something fancy.  I hopped on - many bloggers I follow who are pregnant have been wearing ASOS and it looks SO comfy and cute.  Right on par, I spotted this dress right away.  Kellen voted for it over and over again, vetoing any other choice.  Winner winner.  Since it takes a little longer to ship coming from across the pond, I thought I'd timed it perfectly to get it on Wednesday, pack it away and leave for AZ Thursday.   No luck.  It didn't come Wednesday and I flipped my lid.  I had zero energy or desire to have to shop for a dress before the big night.  I prayed and bugged UPS and the Post Office like crazy.  Thursday rolled around and I ran to the Post Office to see if they had it there - but no, the mail people had already left, which meant I had to wait for it to be delivered.  We were supposed to leave at 12ish, but I totally procrastinated until 1 when the mail usually comes.  As we were packing up the car and I'm feeling 100% depressed and deflated {pregnancy magnifies feelings, ha}, Kell said, "Uh-oh, I think I see the mailman at the end of the street".  Suddenly elated, I begged Kell to drive down the street so I could beg for my package.  Nicest mailman ever.  Dug through her truck and produced my ASOS package.  I told her she saved my life.  She's my new hero.  To a prego, a dress that fits and is cute with minimal effort is everything.  Thank you ASOS!
 (Dress ASOS Maternity, Earrings J.Crew, Sunnies Zara, Shoes DSW)

I had a special photographer for this little photo shoot.  My madre.  She really is just the cutest.  Eager to take my pics and curious as to how the process works in general.  And how good did she do!?  Also, as I was testing the light I managed to capture these two little pictures that 100% explain where I get it from.  Although I cut off her head in the last one- that pose is one often seen on this blog.  What can I say, I got it from my mama.  It meant the world to me that she flew down from Kansas for this night.  I felt so much better just having her there and hanging with her.  There's something about having your mom around when you're not quite sure what's happening to your body and don't feel much like yourself any more.  She's a gem.
{Also, how cute is her top?  We snagged it on a shopping trip before the shower from H&M - she had managed to bring only long sleeves and pants to AZ, underestimating the heat.  We had to get her cool for the party!}


  1. Ah Julie, Thanks for the kind words. I love you always! I really don't like the fact that we are a thousand miles apart, especially with you being preg/delivering and a new mommy. You'll do great, remember I am only a text or phone call away. Can't wait to get my hands on this precious little one! Mom


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