Highly Obsessed

When I ordered the dress for the baby shower, I might have also added this dress to my cart for a whopping $16.95.  Best decision ever.  It's made out of the softest material ever and when it's hot as Hades down here in the southwest {while the rest of you get glimpses of fall, I get a heat wave}, the last thing I want is anything touching my body.  Swing dress for the win!  The other thing I'm highly obsessed with are these mirrored Zara sunglasses.  One woman I follow on Instagram, @jenlovescove, always wears a similar pair and every time I say to myself "I need a pair" {also let's talk about having easy access to Zara- danger}.  So without flinching, I picked them up and never looked back.  Done and done.
 (Dress ASOS, Sunnies Zara, Earrings J.Crew, Sandals Birkenstock)

The other day I went for a walk up a huge hill {that's what I do now instead of run basically} while listening to one of Tim Keller sermons and he was talking about David and Bathsheba's story.  Mainly about David and how he pretty much broke half the commandments in one night.  About how if we're not killing sin, sin will be killing us.  We're all 100% capable of committing the same sins that David did if we're not constantly evaluating our lives.  Being aware of our sins and staying on top of them - constantly killing what isn't honorable to the Lord.  It was just such a good reminder to be aware.  To keep my eyes open and no get lazy.  Also just a great reminder of God's forgiveness and how He uses sinful people for His good.  Amazing.

Also, uber special thanks to my SIL, Kyndle, for the amazing blog pics.  We talk about how if I lived in Phoenix I'd just call her to snap my pics...  Kellen would be thrilled too, ha. 


Thanks for the love!