Showered With Love

Last weekend I was completely overwhelmed by all the love in the baby shower thrown for me and Baby C by the in-law family.  Initially, I was uber hesitant to even have a shower.  I'm not one who loves being in the spotlight - in fact, it kind of stresses me out.  And I LOVE Kellen's side of the family, but I don't know them nearly as well, as well, my family and friends.  We always make a point to travel to see them, but still, it's only a couple times a year max.  So needless to say, I'm still working on getting 100% comfortable around them.  But let me tell you, it was such a magical blessing.  The amount of energy, time and money these amazing ladies put into making this come together just for me and my babe...  unreal.  I got home and was journaling about it just crying my eyes out.  I almost can't handle how great they are and how loved I felt.  It was just perfect.
Kyndle, my SIL (sister in law) was just the hostest with the mostest.  A mother of 5 - she really whipped her house into shape - including putting Kellen to work being a man: yard work, hanging lights and building things.  Gina Kate, a cousin, is just party planner extraordinaire...  She, her sister in law Rachel and cousin Rachel went nuts Pinteresting and making all the decorations.  They did absolutely outstanding.  I totally had tears walking into the house.  Just precious.
The theme was based off the shower invite - "showering" me.  I love the puff balls and colorful raindrops they made - may or may not have snagged some to make a mobile for little Baby C...  Aunt Kelley organized the food and oh-my-lanta it was delish.
Grammy is just the cutest and sweetest thing ever.  She gave a precious devotional about what an important job being a mother is - I love her words of wisdom and cannot wait to take on that challenge!  Speaking of being a mom... having my own mom there meant the world to me.  It was so fun to celebrate with her.  And Kathleen, my mother in law, is just amazing.  She's the grand mastermind behind the whole thing.  When I said "no shower" she said "yes shower" and I'm SO glad she did.  She has the biggest, most generous heart.
Showers... get it. Haha loved sharing an umbrella with Rachel.  Also loved seeing a new friend.  Kellen went to grade school with Moriah and I met her in San Diego a month ago.  It was insta-friendship.  She's a mama of three and just a gem of a woman.  I didn't get a picture with Shannon, but she's another friend from Kellen that I've claimed as my own.  Seriously, Phoenix wouldn't be the worst place to move ;)
How adorable are these little girls with their pinwheels and my SIL!?
The party girls: Gina, Kyndle, Rachel and Rachel.

This little babe inside me is ridiculously blessed to have these women as family.  It blew my mind how much they already love it {and me!} and cannot wait for it's arrival.  I'm just so very thankful the Lord put me in this family.  They always speak truth and love and I know my child will be taken care of outside of just Kellen and me.
And the gifts - oh my goodness it's all so real now!  And thank you to all my friends and family who sent gifts - I loved that you were still apart of it even if you weren't physically present.  Means the world to me.  Could be the pregnancy emotions {or not, ha}, but my heart is just so full that I so quickly shed tears of joy.  I'm just SO FULL.  Thank you everyone!

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  1. What an amazing post - full of beauty in fashion (totally love your dress!) and decorations and love! You are an amazing woman and will be an exceptional mother.


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