Booty {Or Lack Of}

 The other night while my parents were in town, Kellen and I got a date night to go see Fury {crazy intense, in case you're wondering}.  Again, I had just minutes to throw something on and since it was a cooler night, I really, really wanted to {finally} wear this sweatshirt.  Naturally, we didn't have time for blog pics before we left so I recreated the look while CK took a nap the other day.  Toss in a hat {again, that greasy hair thing} and took out a chambray popover under the sweatshirt {it was 80 degrees}.  Can I also mention I'm LIVING in these cut off shorts?  I bought them a week after CK was born {yes, I took him shopping that soon.  Gotta break the kid in ha}.  They were a mega score on sale at Urban Outfitters.   $5.  I kid you not.  All summer long I had been lusting over black cutoffs and then they found me just in time post-bump.  
{And yes I realize they're so long in the back because I have no booty.}
(Sweatshirt J.Crew, Shorts Urban Outfitters, Hat F21, Shoes F21, Necklace F21)

Not gonna lie, this whole new motherhood + not having friends is starting to weigh on me.  I feel trapped in my apartment some days and scroll through my phone calling anyone who I think might answer.  Kellen and I listened to an Epikos sermon last Sunday and I started crying just hearing Pastor Danny's voice.  The community we had at Epikos was incredible.  We were talking about how we didn't really, truly realize how blessed we were in Milwaukee until we left.  But I have to remember that took time.  And as impatient and lonely as I am now, I know the Lord will provide again.  Even just yesterday I grabbed coffee and went for a stroll by the bay with a new mom friend.  Just getting out of the house {and caffeinated} and chatting with a like-minded mom really made a world of difference in my day.  I always love seeing who the Lord puts in our lives {usually when we just need it the most} and how they can be exactly what we need in that moment.  I'm just so thankful I serve a God who cares about mommy meltdowns and thinks to give me an encouraging coffee date. 


  1. Yes, looked just the way you did when you left the house for your date with Kellen! CUTE. And mom sure likes your shoes. Glad you had a stroll with a new friend and some coffee. I'm sure C enjoyed the stroll as well.

  2. I can't imagine the whole new motherhood & new city thing, but I can tell you about the new city: it takes time. I still struggle with wondering if I made the right choice, but I am so proud of you for being so honet and open for the opportunities in your life.


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