Get It Together

 First things things first.  I want to know how some of these bloggers are back to consistently blogging days after giving birth.  And looking GOOD.  Most days I have 2.5 minutes to get ready which means throwing on a pair of cut-offs, a button up {easy access for C}, some sort of slip on shoe and a baseball hat {that whole greasy hair thing}.  I have worn my glasses basically every single day since C's birth.  Not just because I'm too lazy, but because my eyes are so tired contacts feel like logs in my eyes.  I dream up great outfits and create amazing posts in my head, but actually getting energy to wash my hair, but mascara on and get the outfit on my body- never happens.  This past weekend my parents were in town and one of my friends got married.  I was so excited to finally get dressed up and have a babysitter.  Somehow I found myself with 10 minutes to get ready: tossing on a wrinkly dress and doing my mascara in the car.  #officallyamessymom
{Dress Old Navy, Boots F21, Necklace Madewell (similar), Ring Madewell}

Also, let's talk about 'things they don't tell you'.  Like boob pads to keep those leaky boobs in check.  And how your big boobs don't actually fit into most of your clothes now, especially when you add in the boob pads.  And then said boob pads are all bumpy and make things look pretty funky when you're sleep deprived brain doesn't think to check to make sure things are ok down there.  
But aside from postpartum issues...  this wedding was such a dream.  Diana and I had been baristas together in Seattle and became insta-friends.  Living in the same city as her again is just great.  Her and Peter are those that cool, artsy type so their wedding was totally, 100% Instagram worthy in a park in the mountains.  The best part was that it actually felt like fall and I had hot coffee for the first time since leaving Milwaukee.  Any wedding that serves Dark Horse coffee in tin mugs pre-ceremony- well, you just know it's going to be good.  {And yes, they served donuts for brunch and YES, I had two because I deserve it, dadgumit.}  
But how cute are they!?  Congrats Diana and Peter!


  1. thanks for your honesty—You go mama! And this wedding looks adorable!

    Colour Me Classic

  2. mmm too bad you didn't get a pic of those donuts. oh geez, that's the baby talking. ;)

  3. Your friend made a beautiful bride. Yeah getting back to normal after a baby does not come right away. You look good and as long as you are taking care of yourself that's all that matters.


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