Growing Up Over Here

 My growing love for all things neutral continues...  Something about a neutral palette just seems classic - like maybe I will look back on this post in a few years and not be "what was I thinking?!".  So basically it's safe.  Or mature.  As I get older I feel like I'm starting to lean just a smidge less towards trends and a smidge more towards classic.  I mean, 30 isn't all that far away.  But I love that you can still have fun with neutrals: leather {ahem pleather} and leopard.  I haven't completely given up on trends {I'm sitting here in neon spandex writing this, ha}.  And seriously, these felt hats are just driving me wild.  Last week was quite a dozy with the babe.  When I'm feeling down or frustrated, Kellen tends to compensate with gifts.  This hat was a product of that.  That and a {vegan} Sprinkles cupcake.  I love my hubs so much.
{Sweater H&M, Skirt F21, Shoes F21, Hat Brixton, Sunnies H&M, Necklace H&M}

Here's the truth about my adorable little Clement.  Little man is a screamer.  Apparently dairy hurts his little tummy {which is quite sad because I literally have 5 different cartons of ice cream in my freezer}.  The past couple days/weeks I've been experimenting with variations of gluten/dairy/soy/egg free.  It's been trial and error, but after talking to a cousin who had to go dairy/soy/egg free for her little one, I've come to the conclusion that's probably what's causing CK his tummy pain, hence the vegan red velvet Sprinkles cupcake.  It's been a challenge figuring out what I can and cannot eat.  Do you even know how many things have dairy hidden in them?!  EVERYTHING.  I even realized {a bit slowly - Kellen calls it denial} that my beloved coffee shop uses a powder in their most delicious mochas and vanilla lattes that contains dairy.  Come. On.  Recently I've been living on almond milk lattes, gluten/soy free toast with peanut butter, rice crackers, {dairy free} dark chocolate covered almonds, a concoction of black beans, chicken and quinoa, and almond milk ice cream.  I did find some dairy/gluten free cheese pizza and that was the best night of my week.  I used to swear I would never alter my diet for my child.  Clearly I didn't realize what hours of screaming can do to your sanity {and really, poor little man and his tummy pain}.  Plus, for the first time CK has finally been smiling and all around pleasant in general.  That smile.  Totally worth it.


  1. Cute outfit, glad things are turning out well with the new dairy free diet.


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