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Three posts in one week- big week for me, right?  Today I want to introduce you to Moriah of Sweet Ts Design Shoppe.  I met her over the summer when she was vacationing in San Diego with her family.  Kellen and her go way back to elementary school and I had befriended her over social media.  While she was in SD, we had a little double date followed by coffee the next morning {because I couldn't get enough of her}.  She's a mama of three little gems and just a joy to be around - full of wisdom, encouragement and laughs.  She recently started Sweet T's Design Shoppe and I'm basically going nuts over every design - but HAD to have this Fa La La tee for the holidays.  The tees are so ridiculously soft and, ahem, perfect for breast feeding.  Her designs are so cute - check out Sweet T's Instagram and Facebook for more tees and sweet deals!  I asked her a few questions to learn more about her vision and inspiration for the company.  Any mom of three {or just mom for that matter} that starts her own business is an inspiration to me.  And lucky for you, Moriah is offering Street Lily readers 10% off their purchase through December 12 with the code STREETLILY10!  This shirt with some red and gold and you'll be holiday ready in a flash!
(Flannel Crew Cuts, Shirt Sweet T's Design, Pants J.Crew, Shoes F21, Earrings J.Crew, Sunnies Zara)

How long have you been wanting to start your own business and what made you finally take the leap?
I have always had an interest in owning my own business, inspired by my father who is a very successful entrepreneur. My background is in interior design, and although I appreciate really great interior design, I’ve never had a desire to own my own interior design business. So, as I was going about my day to day responsibilities of being a Mom to 3 little blessings, I realized I was lacking in the creativity department and I was in a slump. After praying about it, and talking it through with my handsome husband, I decided that clothing was the route I truly wanted to take. After crunching numbers around, we thought a little extra income would be great. We are currently a family of 5 and my husband is in his 2nd year of general surgery residency (3 years to go), so our monthly budget it tight. Since I ADORE clothes, I figured, why not design awesome clothes?! And so this business was born….

Where did you get the idea for Sweet T’s?
I got the idea for Sweet T’s strictly from my love of tshirts. I wanted to focus our company on tee’s for a few reasons: First, I live in comfy tee’s! Second, they are so on trend right now! And third: Who doesn’t love a good tee? My customer base is, well, everyone!! They can be dressed up or dressed down and are always comfortable. The name Sweet T is a nickname we have for our daughter, Tenley. She is our little Sweet T and the name fit perfect for our tee business. 

Where do you get your inspiration for the shirt designs?
My inspiration comes from my kids, my relationship with Christ, and some silliness. My kids inspired my children’s tees. The quotes on the kids tees are actual quotes from them! The shirts with verses are a way for me to share Christ’s love with those around me. I want to positively reflect Christ in my life, and what better way than with a shirt that leads you back to the Word?? And lastly, I am silly, and I love to have fun. Therefore I have shirts with fun wording on them, just because I can! 

Which shirt is your personal favorite?
I personally love a simple v neck tee that goes with anything. Although I love our holiday shirts, my favorite is the “It’s a jeans & tee kind of day”. This one is fun because it is literally an everyday tee! I still have a sweet baby who nurses, and this soft v neck makes nursing easy. I’m all about comfort and convenience, and this has it! 
With three kids and a budding business I'm sure you rely on caffeine...  What's your go-to fix? Your splurge?
Rely on caffeine is an understatement! Being a busy Mom I don’t always have time to leave the house to get my fix. For convenience, I always have a dispenser full of cold brew ready to go in my fridge. For my recipe, visit: http://citymomsblog.com/eastvalley/simple-diy-iced-coffee/
If I am lucky, & I get out of the house alone and have time for a coffee splurge, I love to visit a local coffee shop here in Gilbert, AZ called “The Coffee Shop at Agritopia”. I love their Spanish latte…sweetened condensed cream, in my latte, um yes please!! 

Would you call yourself a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl?
Absolutely!! When not running around in yoga pants and a sweatshirt (I’m a Mom of 3, can you blame me?), you can find me in skinny jeans, boots, a tee, and an infinity scarf. On a fancy day I love to wear jeans, sparkly shoes, a tee and a chunky necklace! 

Thanks so much Moriah!

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