Going Forward

My birthday is also shared by my blogaversery.  Three years I've been doing this and looking back to that first post is, well, embarrassing.  But this year, mixing my last year of my 20s with a baby and a new way of life has caused me to rethink how I want this blog to function.  I've always been a person who remembers events and things simply by what I was wearing.  So documenting those outfits will always take me back in time to those places and feelings.  So outfits will stay, however I may incorporate more mom/life things into it.  Clement's #OOTDs might appear as well ;).  Really, I'm not 100% sure where this blog will go the next year.  I'm learning to take life one day at a time and roll with the punches but to look for the good in each day.  That includes blogging.  I'm not able to do exactly what I want, when I want any more - so just getting content out is a win in my book.  With that said, here's to 29 and the beginning of the fourth year of Street Lily.  Again, thanks for following along - I appreciate it more than you know.
(Jacket Urban Outfitters, Sweater H&M, Leggins F21, Boots Sam Edelman, Hat Brixton, Necklace Madewell
C: Shirts Target, Pants Baby Gap, Shoes Old Navy)

Now on to the important things... 
If there's one thing I'm handing down to C-baby it's stripes and camo.  I'm just obsessed with these little camo high tops from Old Navy {I won't even start on my new love for high top shoes...} and well, a trip to Baby Gap the other day resulted in disaster {but I mean it was 50% off if you bought four items... hello}.  These little striped pants I just could not resist.  So here we are in camo and stripes doing our thing.  Also, can we talk about how a great pair of boots can make you feel like a million bucks?  I love the sounds boots make on hard surfaces and honestly, just a little small heel is right up my alley these days.  That click click of the heel makes me at least feel like I have things together...


  1. Ah love that you linked to your 1st post, crazy how much has changed! Yes so excited for your 4th year—Yay for more C-baby photos!

    Colour Me Classic

  2. So cute :)


  3. Such gorgeous photos!



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