Tried And True

This jumpsuit has been with me for years.  It started as a New Year's Eve #OOTN {outfit of the night} four years ago and is still a staple of mine around this time of year.  Something about a jumpsuit around the holidays just seems right on point.  Plus, this little edge zipper down the front is actually 100% perfect for nursing Clement.  Fashion meets functionality.  Since Kellen and I don't quite have the social calendar to keep up with this year {that whole lack of friends thing...}  I thought I'd take the jumpsiut down a notch for a more laid back look with a houndstooth cap and orange lip.  I told Kell I feel like a total poser wearing lipstick these days, but truth be told, there are days I miss dressing up something fierce.  That little lip pop just perks me up, ya know?
(Jumpsuit H&M, Jacket J.Crew, Boots Old Navy, Hat J.Crew, Watch Michael Kors)

This week my brain has felt like absolute mush.  Clement does this thing where he sleeps from 8 or 9pm until 5am then eats then goes back down from 6am to 8 or 8:30 for a couple days.  During these stretches I feel like a human again.  I can function.  But then, just like a light switch he goes to staying up until ungodly hours of the night and being awake for hours at a time in the middle of the night.  This week the light switch switched.  Half the time I'm nervous to go in public and attempt to make friends because I'm honestly not sure what comes out of my mouth any more, let alone if it makes the remotest of sense.  With that said, this is where I leave you.  Have a great weekend and go get your Christmas spirit on to the max.

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