Pop That Color

Let's just talk real quick about how much I miss wearing casual dresses, breastfeeding nightmare that they are.  So when I find a dress that buttons down the front, giving CK some easy access, I'm all over it and wear said dress more often then maybe I should.  Along with the dress craze I'm feeling, I also can't get over pops of neon.  I went through a phase were everything was neutral or black/white and it's like the colorist in me is screaming to be let loose {you're talking to the girl that was obsessed with rainbows in high school.  I'm not kidding, I had a rainbow painted from one corner of my room, up over the ceiling and back down to another corner.  No joke.}  For some reason, SoCal just seems like the perfect place to let color explode, but apparently in baby steps since I put it against a black and white canvas ha.
(Dress Urban Outfitters, Cardi Madewell, Shoes F21, Hat Nordstrom)

This past weekend my childhood BFF who I've know since we were 2, came out to visit with her 7 month old little girl while Kellen went to Seattle for a boys birthday weekend.  What's amazing to me is how much easier being a mom is with other moms.  It's like you and the babe are distracted by the other mom and her babe and you don't notice the hard things as much.  After I dropped her off at the airport to go back to Kansas City, I had a sudden awareness of feeling desperately alone.  The silence was so loud.  Clement's fussiness was magnified.  My frustrations were magnified.  The day dragged by.  {ALL of this was probably also heightened by being ridiculously tired.}  But it was one of those moments where I wonder if our lifestyle is making this that much harder.  Granted, I wouldn't change moving around and living in new places for anything, but on the flip side, seeing what it would be like to mother along side other mom friends was like a taste of heaven.  So mom friends, don't be surprised if I start begging you to come visit when Kellen is gone {and I might make you take blog pictures for me too... ;)}.  Until then, this is when I'm so thankful for social media.  Some of those long days I just need to connect with someone and stalking baby pictures from a number of my friend's new little ones makes me warm and fuzzy inside - makes me feel a little more connected and a little less alone. 


  1. oh my goodness! I was feeling all of the same things! I think I was a better mom in SD because I didn't think about the hard things because you were doing them too. I'd never have realized what a blessing it was going to be if someone had told me. We has a blast BFF. And we promise we'll be back!!

  2. I like the masculine vibe of the hat and shoes. Then the dress and cardigan are like "just kidding I'm a lady!" haha nailed it!!

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