Y'all have heard me say it before and I'll say it again: I. Love. Rompers.  If it's a one-piece, count me in.  I also love the fact that my winter here in SoCal doesn't require layer after layer and a big puffy coat + fur boots.  It's nice that this is all the warmth I need during the day.  I was nervous I would never get to wear tights and sweaters here, but it's the perfect place to wear them just enough times {once} for you to feel good about it and then be done with it and onto summer gear.  So long live this cozy sweater that has always been a personal favorite of mine year after year.
(Sweater F21, Romper F21, Tights J.Crew, Boots Sam Edelman, Sunnies F21, Ring F21)

 Kellen and I were talking the other day about God's hand/plan in moving us here. I was checking the weather in Milwaukee and it actually hurt looking at it.  I have told Kellen many times there's no way I could have had a baby in Wisconsin - trapped in the house all winter long, going stir crazy...  Ei yi yi.  I relieve stress and frustration {both present during the first three months...} by moving.  I've always been a physical person and getting outside and moving always makes me better, no matter what.  I have been on so many walks {sometimes twice a day} in the sun {hello vitamin D}, you wouldn't believe.  Last winter I struggled with anger/winter depression because it was SO.COLD.  It blows my mind that God timed this all so perfectly, that He cares that much about the seemingly little things in life.  I could have made it in Milwaukee with Clement, it would have been rough, but I could have done it.  But the fact that I don't have to, that God cares about the littlest things like how I might do with a new baby in a certain climate.  He's so good.


  1. Love that outfit! It's so versitile - love the shoes, tights, sweater and everything! And, thanks for sharing your heart about God caring about the little things. I was once told by a very wise man, "If it' important enough to think about, it's important enough to pray about." Our Lord does care about everything! Keep these outfits coming! I need all the help, direction and inspiration I can get!


Thanks for the love!