Baby Bootcamp

 One thing {of many} that has been a big change in my life since Clement's arrival has been my fitness.  Working out {running, biking, swimming, lifting just MOVING in general} has always been something I highly enjoy.  When we started trying for a baby I was in probably the best shape of my life.  I ran a marathon without training and PRed.  I knew I would lose the fitness level I was at but I didn't realize to the extent or how post-baby there just wouldn't be the time {and honestly, the drive or motivation} I had before.  These days I sneak in what I can.  I try to run 5-6 days week {thankfully Clement has come to love being outside and can do up to 6 miles without a meltdown in the stroller}.  I used to supplement running with lifting - strengthening the muscles I repeatably use and abuse.  Now, if I make it to the gym once a month, that's a great month.  Enter baby bootcamp.  I've started squatting and doing lunges and step-ups with Clement recently.  The best part is, he starts to laugh as I go up and down.  He just LOVES it.  Which is great because my booty could use some love ;)  But can we also just talk about how ridiculously cute Clement is!?  Who is the large, adorable, happy 4 month old, holy cow!
(Tee Gap, Pants Lululemon, Shoes Nike, Hat Hurley, Earrings Kate Spade
CK: Tee Old Navy, Overalls T.J. Maxx, Shoes BabyGap)

And really, what's not to love about workout clothes!?  I'll be honest, these are not the clothes I actually work out in - those clothes are disgusting.  For some reason I've never been able to spend tons of money on real gear - unless it's heavy duty and will last - because I know I'm just going to ruin it with my nasty sweat {seriously, you haven't met a sweaty person until you meet me} and stench.   However, the Cali lifestyle has me embracing yoga clothes with open arms - and the brighter the better.  Now I have my actual workout clothes and my fake workout clothes - you know, the cute ones I run errands or go the park in.  Same goes for my fitness sneaks.  I'm an Asics snob and won't run in anything else, however, for long walks on the beach {or to get coffee}, give me cute Nike's.  Kellen actually snagged this pair of Nike's for me for Christmas.  He seriously knows my style - I always love pretty much everything he gets {this hat being another gift he snagged - I'm also OBSESSED with all kind of hats - if you can't tell}.  And let's be honest - dudes love girls in workout clothes.  Kellen always prefers this type of outfit to my other #ootds.  Sometimes you gotta give the man what he wants.

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