Blame It On #momlife

Getting out of a baggy tee and cut offs has been quite the challenge as of late.  Dinners out with friends, or special occasions, as I like to call them {ha}, call for something a little more fun.  Therefore, I'll always be a sucker for a one-piece that I can just toss on and not think about having to pair/match it with the other half.   {If a one-piece is a full pant is it still a romper or a jumpsuit?  Where's that line - is there a difference?  These are things I think about.}  The ease of it is just too great.  Speaking of ease, what's a better shoe to add than a metallic slip-ons?  This pair from last year is on heavy rotation again- I think the pregnancy feet stretched them out perfectly, ha.  To bring it all together and make it less monochromatic, add in a little neon statement earring.  Also, something about doing the half top-knot makes me feel somewhat trendy and fancy, so again, all for that.
(Jumpsuit Shopbop, Shoes Crown Vintage, Blazer Forever21, Earrings J.Crew, Sunnies F21)

 I haven't felt like a blogger at all.  I haven't felt like much more than a milk machine getting an amazing arm workout 24/7, actually.  I know people talk so much about being busy, busy, busy and while I haven't been busy like I used to be, this little chunker of mine keeps me going nonstop.  It's amazing the different kind of day-to-day work I'm doing now.  Recently, Clement has been sleeping through the night {praise the Lord}, waking up at 7am and going back to bed from 8-9:30ish.  The responsible, mature, productive side of me {let's be honest, that side doesn't even really exist} says to not go back to bed - get some reading in, make breakfast and start my day.  The, well, every bit of Julie side of me says, girl, get back in that bed and sleep it out.  So you can see, things don't get done as much around here on le blog.  I understand this is a season, but sometimes I just get so frustrated at not being able to do it all.  But then, the bed wins and my sanity is semi-restored so.... yup.  Blame it on #momlife? {This was supposed to be my attempt at a Valentine's Day post... that clearly didn't happen haha}

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