Olsen Moment

 I don't know how you shop but this is my rule of thumb - if I obsess over it for more than a week, I obviously love it.  These shorts are a prime example.  They are from J.Crew two springs ago.  As soon as I saw the print in the Style Guide I lost my mind.  Once I actually saw them in the store and could put my hands on them, I knew I needed them like I need water {ok that's a little dramatic, but you know what I mean}.  So I waited and waited and finally snagged them up for a tropical trip.  But here's the funny thing - I can count on one hand the number of times I've worn them.  HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN!?  I have also been one of those girls who are all about the chase.  Ahem.  Maybe that happens in shopping too...   Also, I feel almost guilty posting pictures in shorts and a tee.  We had a heatwave last week and it was, well, glorious.  So if you're looking for a warm weather get-away...
 {Tee Madewell, Shorts J.Crew, Boots Sam Edelman, Sunnies Mimi & Red}

Speaking of all about the chase - I've been really craving a pair of mirrored circle sunglasses like these for quite a while.  I have a fairly similar pair, but really wanted black frames with an obvious circle shape.  The other day I was hanging with a mom friend {speaking of which, she has really turned my life upside down in the best way possible.  Just having one friend who is so similar and spunky and fun and wise and an experienced mom {she has 3 kids} that I can go to with questions and run with on the weekends and always share a cup of coffee with...  It's like night and day the effect it has on my week.  But I digress from my sunglasses} and we decided to walk to a surf/smoothie shop.  That turned in to checking out some cute little boutiques in the neighborhood.  We stumbled into a little shop and I spotted these Olsen-inspired cuties straight away.  And had them on my face even faster.  All for the ripe, easy price of $12.  Winner winner.  And with the all black I totally feel like a long lost Olsen.  All my dreams are coming true at once.  ;)

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