Sunday mornings usually go something like this:
8:55am - K: "I think I hear him"  Me: "Mmmmhum"  K: "So that's me?"  Me: Mmmmhum
9:09 - I roll out of bed {literally} and make coffee.
9:15am - feed Clement
9:37 - dress Clement and ask Kellen "do I need to hurry?" {church starts at 10, ahem}
9:41 - Toss on my go-to Gap tee that has had every baby fluid on it in it's 5 days of my ownership and a pair of destroyed denim.
9:42 - contemplate how to make said sloppy-mom outfit look semi decent.
9:43 - toss on my fave {and only} kimono, a pair of boots and bright earrings.  Spray in some dry shampoo and decide leave my oversized glasses on because my eyes are too tired for contacts {again}.
9:51 - run back inside to spritz myself with Marc Jacob's Lola because I smell like a mix of sleep and breastmilk.  And pour my coffee to go.
10:17am - Mosey into church while Kellen says, "Well, I think we completely missed the first bit..."
Mornings are slow over here in the Cottrell household.  Don't count on us to be on time.
(Kimono Nordstrom Rack, Tee Gap, Jeans Nordstrom, Boots Sam Edelman, Earrings Kate Spade, Glasses Urban Outfitters)

But seriously, this Gap tee...  I'm probably going to go out and get two more.  And sale is 50% off soooooo I can't say no.  Clearly.  Also, remember that time I was talking about being a has-been?  Saturday I went for a trail run with a friend {we got entirely lost on these crazy trails that stopped and started at random, but hey, an adventure is an adventure + extra mileage...} and then followed it up with our usual Saturday morning beach volleyball.  I haven't done that much physically activity in the same day since pre-Clement conception.  Let's just say Sunday I felt like I had been hit by a bus.  Three times.   But it was amazing to spend the entire morning and part of the afternoon outside and being active with friends.  Plus - our volleyball buds are head over heels for Clement and love watching him so Kell and I can play.  Slice of heaven I tell ya.  Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. Ya look good chica! Love those boots, I've been eyeing them myself! How's the comfort level on those? Mama approved?


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