Welcome To Parenthood

Quite a number of my friends have had their babies right around when I had Clement.  It's been amazing sharing this journey of motherhood with them {via text/social media/FaceTime  aka DISTANCE boooo}.  Since I wasn't able to attend any of their baby showers I try to follow-up with gifts for the babe and mom.  I decided to put together a little care package full of all my baby/postpartum favorites to help get the new moms through like many of my great mom friends did for me {those of you who sent me chocolate - you saved my life, and I greatly thank you}.  It really is the little things that get you through each day as a new mom.  And really, those dark chocolate and sea salt covered almonds will make your day even if you're not a mom...

- I always like to start with a fun card.  From a cute little paper card with a thoughtful hand-written sentiment, to a personalized photo card from companies like Shutterfly, there are so many options to choose from these days!.

-Tiny, high top shoes.  Always a win.

-A book you end up crying through because gosh darn-it you do just love that kid through and through.

- Sophie, the Giraffe teether. .  Although you probably have 3 already...

-Lactation Cookie recipe.  A delicious way to see if Brewer's yeast really helps milk flow {and to claim an entire batch of cookies to yourself ;)}

-Baby Gap anything is a big obsession of mine.  It's adorable, adorable and well, adorable.

Some other ideas:
- A baby photo book because, seriously, what else are going to do with the one billion photos you took of that doll?!

- The world's cutest diapers via the Honest Company.  {I die over the skulls personally}

- Anything that treats mom to a little her time - coffee card, babysitting coupon, massage giftcard,  - you get the gist. 

- A perfect bundle of essential baby gear a la Freshly Picked, cute for mom and babe!

In all honesty, if you send what you would thoroughly enjoy receiving, people will typically love it - that's my general rule of thumb.  Also, the Post Office has some cute little boxes {like the one pictured} if you don't have any extra boxes lying around {you know, because you live in a tiny two bedroom apartment with no storage, but gosh darn-it it's by the sea!}.  This care package is geared more for a little man, as most of my friends had boys, but you can easily switch out a few items for more girlie ones and replace the blue and green with purple and pink.  And maybe some glitter, of course.  What items have you enjoyed as a new parent?

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