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 You'll have to forgive me on this post - this is my daily mom style, greasy hair included.  And I may or may not have worn this outfit a couple times in a week...  But I thought I'd share what I live in on a daily basis.  I'm slightly obsessed with these shorts which might be a problem because I'm pretty sure they're not made for nearly 30 year old moms, but probably more for the 15-24 year old age range.  If I had a teenage daughter I wouldn't be caught dead in them.  BBUUTT until then...  all day every day, they are just that darn comfy and perfect for the beach.  Speaking of comfy, this ribbed tank is literally what my dreams are made of.  Loose fit and thin - perfect for hot days {which have been prevalent lately} and no AC.  I'm sure you all know of my love for kimonos and well, it's only growing deeper, especially since they are EVERYWHERE this spring.  A friend of mine posted this kimono DIY on my Facebook page the other day and you'd better believe I'm going to attempt this.  The more kimonos the merrier!
{Tank Free People, Kimono F21, Shorts One Teaspoon, Sandals Birkenstock, Earrings Lizzibeth, Sunnies F21}

Recently I've had a few pretty honest posts about motherhood and well, here's another one for ya, but more in the 'wifey' category.  The issue of selfishness continues.  It's like it's all just coming to a head.  Mix in a little jealous and you have a crazy person on your hands.  Recently I have been jealous of people's free time.  Some days I get jealous Kellen gets to leave the house and interact with people.  I get jealous he can go to the gym pretty much whenever he wants - that he can work out without a child screaming at him.  The other day I snapped on him.  Complete flip out.  I can count on one hand how many times we've had an argument {aka me saying something mean...}.  When I get angry, I've found it's better for me not to say anything until I calm down or get a run in or both.  I don't say nice things in the midst of my anger or rants in my head.  Well, Kellen happened to have caught me on a day when I was dealing with a screaming baby, having plenty of rants in my head and hadn't talked to a single soul other than my 5 month old all day.  So I went all crazy beeeyotch on him.  And you want to know what he did?  He patiently listened, brought me home flowers and let me sleep in the next day.  Say WWHHHAAATTTT?!  As I let that sink in the next day I realized what a great man I married.  He is such a great example of God's grace to me.  Of loving me through my absolute ugliness.  It was such a beautiful way to be humbled.  Thinking about how selfless he is, how he just takes things in stride and adapts is really inspiring to me.  How he doesn't lose his cool if he doesn't get his way.  I really, really need to learn to be more like that. 
{I also need to make more friends here to have heart to heart coffee talk with so I don't go ballistic on my poor husband.  A very wise woman once told me not to dump all my circle processing on my hubs - especially when he's had a hard work day.  Ever since she told me that, our marriage has been much smoother.  Apparently I need more phone dates...}
So many life lessons.  I'm exhausted, ha.

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