Bounce In My Step

 This might be one of my favorite outfits in quite a while.  It just screams spring {plus it's out of control comfy}.  A little lace, browns and cream make for a fresh neutral canvas.  Add in a light pink nail...  Here I am, bounce in my step.  This is also the first spring I've worn these pants and not frozen to death.  That, my friends, is a great feeling.  I also really love how the sleeves on this tee are a little bit longer - perfect for the cool breezes.  I'm actually surprised at how 'springy' California is.  There are blooms EVERYWHERE.  Everything is green and lush with pops of bright colors...  I've never been much of a spring girl, mainly because spring in the Midwest typically just means more snow and lots of slushy brown until at least May.  But Cali is changing me.  There's something dreamy about all the pink trees... 
 {Shirt Gap, Pants Urban Outfitters {super old}, Sandals H&M {super, super old}, Hat Brixton}

I know I haven't done pictures with CK in quite a while...  The thing is - we usually take them when he's asleep - life is just a bit easier that way as he's becoming quite squirmy and curious.  Last time Kellen held him while taking pictures, he reached up and was yanking on the camera strap.  Adorable.  To say the least.  This kid is seriously melting my heart.  Every day he starts laughing more, reaching more, sucking my face more {I like to call this his kisses}, holding onto my hair for dear life, putting his little arms around my neck and squealing nonstop when he's absolutely delighted with life.  He's also a huge fan of dancing.  Anywhere we go where music is playing, we twirl around and bounce back and fourth while he just giggles and squeals.  Our favorite places for this is Forever21.  Hello.  Dance music galore plus no one really pays attention to the mom bouncing around in the grunge section {plus the potential financial damage is a little lower in that particular store}.  What I love most, though, is how observant he is.  I mean, I know my baby isn't the first or a rocket scientist {well maybe he is ;)} and that most babies are observant, but I just love watching him watch people.  Get their vibes and figure them out.  I also secretly love that his little eyes search for me if he's not in my arms.  He's a keeper, that little chunky monkey.


  1. This outfit does scream spring! And those pants are too cool!

  2. This is an amazing outfit girl! Love your pants! ♥

    Isa M., Tic Tac Living

  3. Julie, I LOVE this outfit so much. The hat is so great - and I love being pant twins with you!


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