Clement Dwelling

Now that Clement is 5 months old and I've FINALLY semi-finished his room, I thought I'd share.  I wouldn't call myself home deco-inclined.  At all.  Usually I just kind of let Kellen do his thing {he's quite opinionated}, but for Clement's room I had a few things I really wanted.  Like multiple shades of teal, the bookshelf and the clothing rack.  Teal:  Kellen and I both LOVE this color, plus it's totally gender neutral so next little babe - even if it's a girl - will be perfect in the crib {unless I get bored with it and have my mother-in-law repaint it}.  Praise the Lord my mother-in-law loves home projects.  She painted the bookshelf {it was black before - Seattle inspired}, the crib and the dresser.  #lifesaver  She spent all day painting the bookshelf the day before Clement was born.  I felt so bad because I took a snooze on the couch and didn't even talk to her, ha.
 Pardon the spit on CK's face... someone is obsessed with spitting these days.
  The bookshelf is probably my most favorite part of his room.  On it are all kinds of trinkets we've collected since conception or from Kellen's childhood {anything Star Wars}.  A few of my favorites are the hand-drawn picture of baby by a good Milwaukee friend.  She had wrapped a baby book in paper and just offhandedly drew the baby.  I loved it so much I had to frame it.  Also, the baby block with all Clement's birth stats on it.  My parents gave that to us for Christmas and I *might* have gotten all mom-sentimental and shed a tear.  The wooden boat Grammy found.  I don't think I've shared where Clement's name came from.  One of Kellen's ancestors was a sea captain and actually went down with his ship.  He has a monument in Westminster Abbey {which Kellen visited with his dad on a father/son Europe trip} which refers to Sir Clement as handsome and noble.  What a guy.  So hence the wooden boat.  And the picture of the airplane was taken from a fly-over at our wedding.  So really, top shelf is near and dear to my heart.
Basically, I just wanted a bright, colorful, sunny space for Clement to be in.  That is the type of environment I'm most happy in and well, since he has my DNA maybe he'll enjoy that as well.  And really, he's most content just laying on the floor of his room looking around talking to himself.  {Well actually it's a toss up between his bedroom floor and the bathroom floor, but that's kinda gross soooooo we're going with his room, ha}  We've been so blessed to have been gifted with so, so, so much in regards to Clement and his 'possessions'.   Granted, baby stuff is so darn cute - it's hard to say no.  I'm just so thankful that so many people have been so generous in blessing our little man with toys {hello, three Sophie's - one in the car, in his stroller, and on hand ha} and blankets, shoes, clothes... SO MUCH.  I like to think this little space of his is just filled with so much love - I hope he feels it.

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