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 Hey everone!  Check out one of my best friends slash most amazing pencil artist EVER...  Corrie Wessman of CWdrawings.  Guys, this girl is on FIRE!  Over the past 6 months this girl has quit her day job and drove head first into her art and the results are incredible, especially in the past couple months.  She's started working more with patterns and colors and finding inspirations via Instagram and Pinterst of beautiful, carefree girls.  And let me tell you, her patterns and color play are right on point.  Recently, in addition to selling her prints on Etsy, she's started selling the prints on phone cases {and even throw pillows and totes!} on Society6.  As soon as I saw the anonymous girl No. 4 with the hat and purple, I flipped my lid.  Impulse purchase 100%.  She got me.  I told Corrie if I had a little baby girl, all the anonymous girls would be hanging on the nursery wall.  So when she sent me gorgeous anonymous girl No. 2, I had her up on my wall ASAP {with the cutest scotch tape from Target}.

So do yourself a favor and check out her other prints.   One of my favorites is anonymous girl No. 1 - a girl with her hair tucked in a turtleneck.  LOVE IT.  But it didn't quite go with my current beach vibes, ha.  Corrie has also started a blog so now you can read and get the story behind her drawings and see where her heart is at.  She really is such a gem with so much careful thought and passion behind what she does.  Plus let's just talk about how much fun these anonymous girls are.  Classically trendy too ;).  And if you're a photographer or a great selfie taker and have a portrait that's dreamy {and close-lipped}, hashtag it #cwportraitcollab.  Maybe she'll draw you right up.  So thanks, Corrie, for adding to my color obsession and giving me my most favorite phone case EVER.

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  1. So fun collaborating with you on this post! I love love love this little corner of your home & the print on your wall with the adorable tape is too much for me to handle. I LOVE it. Thank you, girl. You're the best!
    xo Cor


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