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I'm totally taking a page straight off of Molly's blog and copied her 'taking stock' post idea.  I love reading her list every month and thought I'd share my own.  Plus maybe it'll actually hold me accountable to read a book a month.  And cook.  But most of all, just being able to look back and see where I was at each month on daily little things should be so fun.  So here we go.

making- 'Chunky Monkey' smoothies {frozen bananas, peanut butter, almond milk, oats and cinnamon} all day. every day.
 cooking - quinoa veggie chili {but mostly frozen pizzas and rice-a-roni}
drinking- triple shot soy flat white or iced coffee
 reading- Scary Close by Donald Miller and Hebrews
wanting- all of the Cotton On baby gear for CK. ridiculously cute and he obviously loves it {bahaha}

looking- for vegan pastries.  specifically donuts.  specifically within a 3 mile radius of my house.
playing- indie chil -> covers station on Spotify.  something about top 40 songs with a slightly electro, erie, chill sound is just my jam right now.
remembering- spring in MKE and how great 40 degrees felt after the worst winter ever.
trying- not to buy coffee as much aka, make my own.
watching-  Gotham, Parenthood and the wa-wa season of the Bachelor.
deciding- if Clement napping in his bed is better than on the move in the stroller or car.  Still TBD.
wishing- I could raise all my babies on the beach.  who knows, maybe it'll happen.
planning- a trip to Kansas for a bestie's wedding in June and maybe a quick weekend getaway to Palm Springs and/or a camping trip to Joshua Tree or Big Sur.
enjoying- the sun.  the warmth.  I can't get over it.  never make me leave.
waiting- for our lease to be up to figure out what new neighborhood in San Diego we'll live in {booooo moving}
liking-  our new church small group.  love how God provides people to be in community with.
wondering-  what our next big adventure will be.  and when.  and can we stay by the sea?  oh, and the question every night brings, "will Clement sleep through tonight {puh-lease}"?
needing- absolutely nothing except a few more hours of sleep and {always} more snuggles with Kell when CK finally goes to bed.
wearing- stripes and cutoffs almost daily

noticing- how easily I'm distracted by social media.  and how much I need to not be.
smelling-  Johnson and Johnson's baby lavender bedtime lotion.
 thinking- Double Stuff Oreos can't be THAT bad for you right? {especially since I ate an ENTIRE row just now. oops}
buying- another pair of Birks {I'm so hooked} and this Nike jacket.  because I need a jacket now that it's upper 70s again... right.
feeling- pretty dang happy

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