Upping My Game

I'm not sure if it's living in a beach town in California or being a stay-at-home mom but my athletic wear game has seriously stepped it up a notch.  I'm less interested in heels {I don't think I've worn a pair since CK has been born unless boots count...} and way more interested in spandex and comfy zip-ups.  And neon.  So. Much. Neon.  Originally, Kellen was looking at a pair of Nike sweat pants in the color of this jacket and I talked him out of them and into the dark grey because, let's be honest, bright blue pants make me think of a smurf.  However, when I spotted this jacket I flipped.  I LOVE the high/low cut and the high zip on neck.  So cozy {because California nights actually can get pretty chilly}.  A few weeks later a Nike package showed up in the mail and this blue beauty was inside.  That sneaky hubs.  Also, we've been loving taking sunset walks recently and decided to do this photo shoot on one the other night.  Let me just rave about Kellen's wit for a second.  People nonstop ask us how old CK is and just oogle over him in general {if you have a baby I'm sure you know what I'm talking about}.  This night in particular, one guy ran by us with his little in the BOB and grunted out "How old?".  Kellen replied, "29".  I just love how he handles the continuous {and sometimes totally intruding} questions people ask.  Had me in stitches anyway.  Also, when your hubs/photographer is basically your personal trainer he makes you run up and down stairs for pics.  Hey thanks for that extra booty workout...  Where are my Oreos?

{Jacket Nike, Shorts Nike {similar}, Shoes Nike, Hat Billabong {similar}}

A while ago I had a friend tell me I should do a post about working out and breastfeeding {and by working out I really mean running because I don't really work out other than that due to the current circumstances - almost to the 6 month gym kids club acceptance!}.  Two months later, I'm finally getting to the suggested post.  I'm sure it's different for every mama and every babe, but it's been fairly smooth sailing, as far as feeding goes, for CK and me.  I've only had to stop mid-run to feed twice, so that's a win in my book.  As he's developing taste buds I get the gist that he doesn't so much like the sweaty boob...  Basically, it's all about timing for us.   I try to feed him right before we go {plus that way my girls are a little smaller and ahem, don't bounce as much even though I'm doubling up on sports bras these days} and around a nap time.  When he was smaller it didn't necessarily have to be around a nap time but he would eventually fall asleep anyway.  If he's not hungry right before we go and the girls feel full, I'll pump a bit, just for comfort's sake.  Also, with the youngin's I suggest a paci if they'll take one {CK won't so that's been fun, ha} and/or toys dangling from the carseat handle bar for them to play with or stare at.  As he's gotten older and more alert, he loves the shade being completely down, as long as the sun isn't in his face, so he can look around and see the world.  When he was smaller and had to eat more often, my runs were much shorter.  For months 2 and 3 of his life, the longest run I would take him on would be 5 miles or 40-50 minutes.  Plus that was about all my body could take.  As he's gotten older and needed to eat less frequently I can go a bit further with him although his temperament in the carseat hasn't let me go further than 8 miles or a little over an hour.  If anyone has tips or tricks on making a baby love the carseat - I'm all ears!!  About once a week {or once every two weeks lately}, I do actually make it to the gym because Kellen is home to watch CK.  Again, when he was younger I had pretty quick gym sessions because my world revolved around his eating schedule and I'm not the best with pumping.  I get lazy and would rather spend my time doing something else.  Recently, I feed him right before I leave and will pump a few ounces *just in case* and I'm able to get away for around an hour and a half to two hours.  {Sidenote - a huge pet peeve is hitting traffic on the way to the gym or people who chat it up at the gym.  I'm a woman on a mission people!  I don't get much free time, plus, don't mess with my zone in the gym ;)}  Again, I'm sure everyone is different and really make sure you listen to your body and to your baby.  Starting out, I took it slow and stayed close to home.  Even now, I'll only actually venture from home within a 3 mile radius.  I want to be able to get home semi-quick if necessary.  So ultimately, do what's best for you and your babe and don't be afraid to take things slow.  Also, I found this post about beginner running tips on Pinterest the other day.  People have asked me if I have any tips and really, this girl sums it up well {except for the wearing two bra part - I have to double up on even pricey bras with the extra addition of milk}. So that's it.  All my sweaty breastfeeding secrets ;)


  1. You are such a California girl! And I LOVE that blue sweat shirt. Work out clothes are so comfy! Do you think Clement just gets too hot in his carseat? I don't know what the temp is over there...but I think about what Josie will be like in a few months when it gets hot here, and I wonder if she won't like her stroller rides as much anymore. Is he facing you or facing out?

  2. Lovely post :)
    I want to live in California so badly.
    xx Katha


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