Almost Kardashian

Something about this outfit just makes me feel like a Kardashian.  In a good way.  And not Kim or Khole, but more Kourtney.  I almost always love Kourtney's style and the silk bold purple shirt with black gladiators is her through and through, if I do say so myself.  Plus add an adorable child {again, if I do say so myself} to the mix...   Also, these acid wash {elastic waist!!} shorts are my new favorite thing these days.  So comfy yet trendy, all rolled into one.  Basically, this is just one of those outfits that I not only love, but I feel great and confident in.  I don't know about you, but an outfit that makes me feel great and confident, really is like conquering the world.  And I mean, can you even handle Clement in his little trucker hat!?  He just figured out that there is something on his head and no longer leaves it on for more than 5 seconds {booo}, but those 2 months of leaving it on his noggin were gloriously adorable.
{Shirt Urban Outfitters, Shorts F21, Shoes Mix No. 6, Hat Brixton, Sunnies F21
Clement - Onsie T.J. Maxx, Hat Cotton On}

A while ago I was reading Scary Close by Donald Miller and was reminded how much I love his writing and relate to it and him.  In a Million Miles In A Thousand Years, he talks about story.  About his story and making it better.  I loved that book because I love story and I love trying to make it better.  I love my story.  I love hearing other people's stories.  In Scary Close, Don talks about being scared about being a dad and setting a good foundation for his family and so consults a few men who's families he admires.  Hearing the thoughts from those men he consulted just really got me excited to help Clement start his story.  Right now he doesn't really have a say in how his story goes - it's up to Kellen and me to lay a good foundation and get it going.  Such a HUGE responsibility, but it also makes me incredibly excited.  There's all these things I want for him - adventure, beauty, love, God, conquering hardships, bravery, pursuit of dreams, success, joy, contentment, meaningful relationships, hope, chasing sunsets, happiness...  But I know it ultimately comes down to him so all I can do is be as best of an example as I can and pray like crazy.  I guess I just cannot wait to see how he handles life.  He's already such a ham and will bust out laughing if I'm laughing.  He has such joy already.  I'm getting ridiculously excited to watch him grow and bloom and laugh infectiously through everything.  The other part I really took away from the advise of the men Donald consulted was that they were open and honest and didn't judge their children {obviously disciplined them when they were young, but as the children got older they just listened and told their experiences}.  I loved that.  I don't want to hide my mistakes, failures and flaws from my kids, as hard as that might be at times.  I want them to know that life is messy and that's fine - great even sometimes.  Have grace with them and not set unrealistic expectations on them.  This parenting thing is kind of a big deal and I feel like I'm feeling the weight of that more and more.  But am so excited to live and experience this life with my baby {and babies to come}.

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