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One thing I quickly realized when moving to San Diego was that what you wear to the beach matters, well, to a degree anyway.  So many times we've taken detours to festivals or straight to tacos after {or less fun things like the grocery store or a Target run for more diapers}.  After being caught at Oktoberfest in a sheer beach cover-up, 9 months pregnant, I swore I'd be more careful.  Enter my beach uniform:  cutoffs and a great tee.  Cut offs are second nature - easy to find {or you know, cut off}, but tees have been a little more difficult for me.  I've gotten more picky about my tees too.  I want them soft and loose {best for breastfeeding} and preferably not see through.  So when Moriah of Sweet T's Design mailed me this little gem, I went bazeerk.  It's PERFECT - loose and the softest of soft.  Plus, 100% defines my life at the moment.  I've never worn an off-the-shoulder cut due to the whole bra factor, but with a swimsuit - I'm all about it.
{Tee Sweet T's, Shorts Urban Outfitters, Swimsuit Target, Shoes Mia, Bag Roxy {similar}, Earrings Lizzibeth, Sunnies Zara}

Ok, but really.  Why can't babies come with snooze buttons?  The past week Clement has consistently gotten up around 6am.  I've never, ever been one to not hit the snooze button at least twice.  So this whole, really-truly-get-your-booty-out-of-bed-NOW thing is just killer.  For a while there I was in pretty stellar mom shape.  I was getting 8-9, sometimes 10 hours of sleep a night - broken up of course.  These days... no.  I can't seem to make myself get in bed before 10 or 11pm {I get sucked into the bliss of free time} and when the little man starts yelling for attention at 6am and doesn't go back to sleep... not exactly 9 hours.  Plus somehow, starting the stay-at-home-mom-life day that early can sometimes make the day seem so, so long especially when naps are 30 minutes to an hour max {unless there's a miracle of a three hour nap}.  So, calling all mamas.  Tell me.  How do you get to bed early and/or how do you get your child to take long naps and still sleep through the night?!  If neither of those - is there a way to make it through the day, and actually remember everything {or even two things}, without a coffee IV?   The other day I went to check out an apartment without Kellen and totally forgot to take pictures.  Obviously unlike me.  As I was heading over I kept reminding myself questions to ask and above all else, to take pictures.  Nope, not a single picture and I still don't know the parking status...  OMG.  I get so frustrated with this lack of brain power.  Oh to only make one trip to the grocery store and actually remember everything.  But, really, what fun is that when you're toting around a 20+ pound baby?  ;)


  1. Julie! Are you reading this book- Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Baby? I am going through it slowly, bit by bit as Josie goes through all the stages of development. I am learning so much! My next step is to get her some sort of consistent routine. Her naps are crazy erratic some weeks. I think the key to getting them to wake up at the same time every morning is to get them down at the same time every evening. But then you have to factor in naps...ugh. It all takes time. He'll get there soon!

  2. You are too cute. And I miss you. Lots.

    And I just started getting Z onto a schedule with the help of "Baby Wise". Good book or just google it as there are lots of blogs about it. It's all about getting him on a consistent sleep/eat schedule.

    And did I mention that I miss you? And so does Milwaukee.


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