Easy As Joggers

These pants, or joggers as they are now called, have been a long time favorite of mine and a true testament that trends do come and go and come again.  I snagged them for uber cheap at H&M in my early Seattle days and now I see them in EVERY store I go to.  Another win for hording clothing. ;)  Now that I don't exactly dress up, they've really been a wardrobe staple along with this ridiculously comfy stripped tee {don't worry, I only own like 5 stripped tees but this one is 25% off right now!}.  This is what I call my 'quick-get-ready-we're-going-out-for-a-burger-and-beer-in-a-beach-town-not-downtown' look.  Which, by the way, we've found the best burger in San Diego at a little local joint that also happens to have a mighty fine selection of craft beers.  And with Happy Hour until 6:19pm {the local area code - 619}, that works out for this old couple who tries to be home by 7:30pm.  So if you're in San Diego, hit up Sessions Public in OB/Point Loma.  You won't be disappointed.  Also - kid friendly.  Boom.
 {Tee J.Crew, Joggers H&M, Shoes Dolce Vita, Necklace F21, Sunnies H&M}

Yesterday was a big day for me.  I had my first ever solo shopping trip since giving birth.  Let. Me. Tell. You.  It was great.  I could take my time and mosey around not worrying about freak outs or feedings.  But also let me tell you...  it was like I wanted people to know I had a baby, show him off.  Which is so weird because I've been craving some serious alone time, but once I got it, I was like wait wait wait, where's my third arm that doesn't really work but requires a ton of attention?!  And really, Clement was up most of last night {teething, a cold, post surgery pains, who knows, but he was up like a newborn - every two hours.  For two hours.  UGH}, so in truth I absolutely should have stayed home and taken a nap but the mall was just calling to me.  Again, silly, because I was wondering around not making any real decisions {which is good because my tired decisions are terrible}.  Just meandering.  Feeling free as a bird.  But it's not like the old days.  And I know people say this all the time, but to a degree, I really kind of have forgotten the old way of life or rather, life without Clement.  Certain things I will probably never forget, obviously, like only taking 10 minutes to get out the door instead of an hour, or being able to work out whenever the heck I felt like it, but it really is starting to hit that I absolutely, 100% cannot live this life without this little man constantly in the back of my head.  In a good way.  And good golly, the way his face lights up after he hasn't seen me in two hours...  Heart. Explode.


  1. You're the cutest. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I'm so far away from motherhood, but your stories really make me feel like it is something I can DO and be good at, not just do and do all of the stereotypical things.

    So thank you for that. :)

  2. First off, love the outfit. Second, speaking of hoarding... this weekend I asked Caleb to grab my "cream shirt with black stripes" out of where my spring/summer clothes were kept in large rubbermaid containers... he got the right shirt on the 5th try... oops! Time to get rid of some things!


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