Life Lately - April

making- so. much. baby. food.  this boy can eat and his favorites are sweet potatos and a banana/green bean combo {weird, i know}
 cooking -  um, does simple syrup count as cooking?  if not, well, i'm really becoming pro at frozen pizzas and tacos.  also, white chicken chili - the McCormick packets - with guac is our jam.  and, grossly enough, tons of hot dogs.  it's true.
drinking- iced cold brew with vanilla bean/mint simple syrup {recipe here}
 reading- um, in limbo...  any recs?
wanting- for it to warm up just a tid bit more {i know, mid-westerners hate me for saying that}
looking- for an apartment.  preferably by the sea within our budget.  *all the prayers*
playing- with my little chunk.  he loves being thrown in the air and bounced around.  you can imagine the arm workout...
remembering- how giddy i was around kell when we were dating.  seems like so long ago.  we're so comfortable around each other now it's crazy how nervous/giddy he used to make me.
trying- to make more mom friends.  mom friends = play dates = clement is social = makes the day go faster = someone other than kellen to talk to = happy mom
watching- i actually haven't been watching much tv recently, but catching up on the oscar's movie list.
 deciding- if i should bleach my hair again or let it go back to all natural.  i love it blonde, it's just so pricey and so much upkeep.  but did i mention i love it?
wishing- i had all the funds in the world to fly friends/family out whenever i wanted.
planning- this seems ridiculous but a friend and i hatched a great theme for CK's 1st bday.  It's gonna be epic.
 enjoying- life in general.  clement is so happy.  the ocean is so beautiful.  everything is all good.
waiting- for my brother and sister-in-law to get here next week!  yea!!
liking-  the new emoji's.  not gonna lie, that was my one motivator to update my phone {because yes, i just let the update sit there for a while...}
wondering- if clement will hang with a babysitter soon so kell and i can have our dream date of a surf sesh.  or just a date {sans babe} in general.
needing-just one. more. hour. of. sleep. a night.  just one.
wearing- forever21 has been on a roll with their deals.  i've been living in a pair of $11 tribal print shorts and a $9 pair of acid wash shorts.  both of which have elastic waist.  #winning
noticing-  how clement's little personality is really coming out.  it's crazy.  he's so happy, yet can be a drama king {like threw his arms/head down on this high chair tray when i wouldn't get him out.  i burst out laughing.  couldn't help it.  i KNOW he didn't get that from me... ;)}
smelling- voluspa, baltic amber candle.  it's my all time fave.
 thinking- about the day i can devour a pint of ben and jerry's and not cause a scream fest from the babe.
buying- really trying to cut down on that...  but i did snag a dress on sale at gap and although i probably won't be able to wear it for a while, i'm ecstatic about it.
feeling- content. optimistic. and kinda sorta ready to cut out a large chunk of breastfeeding...  so ready for dresses and ben and jerry and real pizza!

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