Putting It Out There

Usually I'm not a huge maxi dress fan.  They make me look short and I always feel uber frumpy in them, but this dress - I love it.  Maybe it's the slits - a little extra va-va-voom.  Or maybe it's just made out of the most ridiculously comfy material.  Or both.  Whatever.  I love it and I haven't got to wear it since last summer due to my belly getting too big and being nervous about really stretching it out.  So now it comes out to play in increments of about three hours - because that's about how long I can go without having to feed Clement.  But those three hours...  glorious.  Speaking of glorious, this dainty little necklace and pave earrings are just rocking my world.  Since the days of statement jewelry, it's been nice to take a move towards dainty and understated.  Thanks to my latest Rocksbox, my simple, dainty, gold dreams are coming true.  Still cannot get over having jewelry on loan {still a few days left to get a months free membership with code juliecottrellxoxo!}.  SO FUN to mix it up every couple of weeks and try something a little different.  Fingers crossed CK doesn't rip this Gorjana v necklace off me...  Also, are you dying over this little shower of purple petals?!  It's like I had personal flower girls toss them for me. 
 {Dress J.Crew, Shirt J.Crew, Shoes Converse, Necklace Gorjana via Rocksbox, Earrings Sophie Harper via Rocksbox, Sunnies F21}

Something occurred to me last week.  I was sitting around pouting because I didn't have play/coffee dates set up for the week {which makes for a lloonngg week - CK loves other kids and being entertained more than food. So that's a lot.}.  You'd think that after having moved three times post-college I'd have making friends figured out.  Turns out... no.  Well, really, I'm just being stubborn and lazy.  See, moving to a new city and trying to make friends involves really putting yourself out there - breaking into already formed {sometimes cliquey} circles.  For some reason it's even more intimidating being a mom.  In Milwaukee it took me a good year and some change to really find the people I clicked with and then a couple months to convince them I was super cool to hang out with ;).  I've exchanged numbers with a few Cali moms and have never been text or called and I was throwing a pity party about that.  But let's be frank here.  I didn't reach out either.  And being a mom is time consuming and sometimes your phone isn't always a priority and sometimes your brain can't remember to stay on top of things like texting people back {or initiating a text}.  As I was complaining to Kellen about how cliquey people are here and he happened to mention that I know better than to rely on others to get the ball rolling... if I want a friend - step up.  It's exhausting, yes, and sometimes those first hangs are like a first date and sort of awkward, but usually so worth it.  I also realized that I need to be on top of my game because it's not just me who needs friends, but CK as well.  At this point in his life {and for a few years to come} it's all on me to make him friends or give him some options at least.  That's a bit of a huge responsibility that I never even thought about.  Ever.  Yet is so important.  So here I go.  Putting those unused potential friends numbers to use.  It's always worked out well for me in the past - God has always put amazing women in my life to encourage and support me {and hopefully vice versa}.  He's not about to stop anytime soon and I know He'll provide the same for Clement.  Thankfully I have found one incredible mom friend and days spent at her open-air home sipping coffee and entertaining the littles are by far my favorite days.  Plus, I can tell Clement loves it {and naps good long naps afterward}.  I haven't really taken the plunge into the wealth of moms at the church we go to and I think it's about darn time I did.  For both our sakes.


  1. I don't have the responsibility of a child like you but HEARD DAT on making new friends in a new city. Oofta. I feel like such a loner these days! Tim encouraged me to reach out to his coworker for a happy hour and I almost didn't do it merely because it was uncomfortable BUT then I pout too when not making friends! This is so tough, isn't it?! But I'm right there with ya - gotta put ourselves out there and trust that God knows what he's doing :) Miss you!

  2. I can totally relate to you! I've lived in los angeles for 3 years now with my fiancé and still have yet to make more than a couple friends (who I've met at work.) But i realized i also wasn't doing anything to help myself make friends either. Thank you for this post, it helped me realize that i ned to put myself out there and to trust God. I would totally hangout with you if i lived in SD :)


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