Rockin My Box

I think my favorite part about spring is light pink.  I will pretty much, in no way ever, wear it any other time of the year.  It's not a color I'm drawn to.  But in spring - yes please.  I love how a light pink tee {and some bling} takes a totally 'fall' outfit right into spring.  Basically, I'm obsessed with this cape and can't stop wearing it, so I need a way to 'springify' it.  Also, have you heard of Rocksbox?  It's my new obsession.  It's a monthly membership jewelry service.  Once you sign up, you take a survey to help define your sparkle tastes then their personal stylists create a box of three pieces just for you to wear on loan.  When I saw this necklace inside I freaked.  Love. Love. Love it.  Once you're done wearing it, mail it back.  When you've mailed it back, they mail you another box full of new options.  If you want to give it a try and see what you think of this great service, when signing up, enter code juliecottrellxoxo for a free month of membership!  Such a great way to keep your gems fresh.
{Tee H&M, Cape Glamorous via Shopbop, Pants T.J.Maxx, Sandals F21{old}, Necklace via Rocksbox, Earrings J.Crew, Glasses Urban Outfitters}

This past week poor little Clement had surgery to get circumcised and fix a little bend issue that they weren't able to mess with at birth - had to wait and see how it developed.  Going into it I was calm as a clam, but once we actually got to the hospital it really hit me what was happening.  They had to put my baby to sleep and that started to freak me out a bit.  Plus seeing a number of really, really sick little babies just made me teary eyed and scared.  But I'll tell ya what, I was expecting the worst - him to be super crabby since he couldn't eat from 3am to 9am surgery time - the car ride - him to freak out and scream galore when they took him away to put him to sleep {they don't let parents back there} - all these things I was just dreading.  BUT, it was so obvious the Lord was paving the way because CK woke up happy, didn't even fuss about not eating or having to get in his car seat {we even got through the Starbucks drive thru fuss free!!}.  He was a champ when we got to the hospital goo-ing and looking around.  Kellen got him to fall asleep before they came to take him away, so we heard NOT.ONE.CRY out of that kid the entire process.  Even when we got him back all groggy and drugged up, he just snuggled and ate and watched cartoons.  No cries.  If you know this child, you know this is truly a miracle.  Yesterday I was sitting outside during his nap journaling how things have changed in terms of seeing God.  When I was single, it was all me.  All my life and so obvious.  Once I got married it took me a while to realize that Kellen being blessed {in work mainly, it seemed} was seeing God taking care of me.  And now, Him taking care of Clement is totally taking care of me.  I was so nervous to fly with a colicky baby, but people were tying my shoes after security and grabbing my bags and CK slept like an angel.  And now his surgery going so smoothly...  I just kind of got overwhelmed with how well I am taken care of.  And was reminded of how little I STILL trust.  How I fret and worry over these things instead of really, truly just giving it to God.  We're in the process of looking for a new apartment and I was having a mild anxiety attack about finding the right place for the right price and actually moving in with a baby and thinking about how God has taken care of us in the past really just calmed me down.  Refocus, Julie.  Trust.  It's going to be perfect.  Just what I needed to hear.


  1. WOW! Awesome post! Love the jewelry site - great concept! And, thanks for your transparency - I always need to be reminded and refocused on our Lord's faithfulness and care.


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