For as much as Kellen thrilled {read: anything but thrilled} about taking blog pictures, he's amazing at scouting great locations.  He spotted this white wall with a beautiful bloom {my mom is the flower person, not me, so no clue what this tree/bush is called}.  For some reason it reminds me of Spain or Mexico - somewhere with a little cha-cha-cha.  Completely unrelated...  I've always been a huge fan of sweatshirts and shorts, but adding booties to the mix is just the icing on the cake these days.  The icing on top of that icing?  Clement didn't even try to yank these earrings out.  Huge win.
Sweater F21, Tank Free People, Shorts J.Crew, Booties Sam Edelman, Earrings gifted, Sunnies H&M

The past week and a half we've had family and/or friends in town.  It was amazing to see my brother and then sister-in-law who I typically only see a few times a year.  Watching them interact with Clement was clearly the highlight.  Or rather how Clement interacted with them.  He didn't even hesitate with my brother and he's usually cautious with males.  And don't even get me started on Auntie J...  he was obsessed with her {and pulling her hair and squeezing her face}.  Since CK loves to be entertained and is such a people person, he had the best week of his life with so many new faces around.  But here's the thing with babies - or at least mine - he does eventually get overstimulated and crabby and refuses naps.  Yesterday was the first day we were home all day and he got in the naps I'd been dreaming of all week.  I'll also admit that my brain is officially mush.  Clement is full on teething these days and not sleeping.  Add that to running all over this amazing city and hanging with people when CK and I are usually by ourselves - I don't even know what's happening anymore.  So attempting to write is blog post is basically useless.  If this makes remote sense that will be a win.  I'm signing off with a three cheers for family visits, aunts who smother their nephews with kisses and attention, and then for having your house back so you can walk around in your underwear and not worrying that your screaming baby is waking guests up at 3am.

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  1. Love the relaxed look, the weather loks perfect. That shrub is bougnvelia - one of my favorites.


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