Leg Wedgies And Villages

Pardon the lack of posts recently... These pictures were actually taken a couple weeks ago when Clement turned 7 months old {holy cow} but life just got a little crazy there for a bit and I was sort of losing my mind/creativity from lack of sleep.  But we started sleep training, I got 9 hours of sleep last night and praise the Lord, we're back in action!  Also, please pardon my chunky child's leg wedgie, apparently he just wanted to show that kneed chub to the world {slash his shorts get stuck in the upper thigh fat ha}.  I always giggle and how I end up matching CK in some sort of way.  I usually dress him first and this day I guess I was just feeling the bright, solid vibes.  I've also really been digging layering a tank under my sweaters recently - gives a little more length and personality.  Lastly, I cannot get over Rocksbox.  When I first heard of the concept I was like, yeah, sure ok, I'll give it a go.  But getting a box in the mail every couple of weeks with new bling to toss on is really, really fun.  When you get bored, just mail it back and wait for new treasures to come.  But this necklace, well, I wouldn't mind keeping forever.  It's perfect.  Dainty and goes with everything.  And just a little plug here...  you can still get a month's free membership with code juliecottrellxoxo!  With wedding season happening, I'm telling ya, this is genius...
Sweater J.Crew, Tank H&M, Shorts J.Crew, Shoes Crown Vintage, Necklace Gorjana, Glasses Urban Outfitters
CK: Polo Wal*Mart, Shorts Baby Gap, Shoes Old Navy

Last week a good friend of mine from Milwaukee was visiting family in Santa Barbara and suggested I come visit and meet her little man, Huck.  After a bit of hesitation - CK was not sleeping well at all, like waking up every two hours, not well - I decided seeing her was worth the screaming car ride through LA traffic and sleepless nights sharing a room with my noisy, crazy sleeper of a baby.  And let me tell you, it really truly was.  We did have to make a pit stop in Ventura {right on the 101} to watch some surfers and let mom's ears get a break from the screams, but watching those surfers and the wave breaks was worth the hour pit stop.  But there is really, truly something special about doing life with another mom.  You see her dealing with sleep deprivation and the everyday grind with grace and it encourages you and pushes you to step up your game.  We spent one afternoon cruising State Street and I just wanted to float along in my 2 hours of sleep delirious state, but somehow I ended up bouncing my screaming child to sleep in the Nordstrom women's lounge {if you're a mom at the mall, never, ever go to a regular bathroom.  ALWAYS go to Nordstrom.  Nursing space and actual changing tables, not those dirty plastic things}.  But having Chelsea there made it ok.  Made me feel less stressed out and more ok with the circumstances.  Plus taking nature walks while the babes sleep and discussing growth spurts, feeding, sleeping, tantrums, boobs, and babysitters just really helps me feel less alone.  I have mom friends who have older kids and I love watching them and getting advise, but something about being with someone with a babe close in age is such a bonding thing.  Plus, I'm not one of those moms who reads book after book, aka, I still have yet to read one parenting book.  Possibly ignorance, but I feel like I have so many mom friends/sisters that I just make desperate calls often.  After one long night and even longer day I called my sister-in-law and mother of 5, basically in tears begging for advise.  She was so full of grace, yet firm in what I needed to do.  Then she prayed over me and my babe as I sat there bawling my eyes out and let me tell you what happened.  Clement slept through the night that night.  The power of prayer, I tell ya.  But I couldn't be more thankful to have so many women in my life that I can run to and cry on and have them spout their wisdom and experience and give me apps to check {Wonder Weeks is amazing!} and books to read {or just tell me about the books they read}.  After hanging with Chelsea in Santa Barbara, I felt so empowered.  She was popping full blueberries in CK's mouth and encouraging me to let him whine and not accommodate his every tiny need.  I didn't even realize he was to the point of eating solid food and old enough to figure things out on his own {like roll over, kid}.  It was just what I needed and what Clement needed to advance in his little life.  It really does take a village to raise a child and I know my child will heavily benefit from the village life instead of just me trying to do it all on my own.  Now we're letting CK cry it out and learn to self soothe and put himself back to sleep - not everyone's cup of tea and that's totally fine, just what works best for us - and we are all the better.  He's sleeping more than ever and happier in general.  And mama, she's finally catching up on sleep and able to blog soooo winning all around! ;)


  1. I use Wonder Weeks too! It's nice to see the potential phases they go through and to know there is an end in sight to the terrible times!

  2. omg we need to talk asap! we are literally starting the sleep training with Josie TONIGHT. we've already started a lot of things "sleep training" with her (regulating her daytime nap schedj, bumping up the daytime nursing, introducing food, etc.), but tonight we are going to let her cry it out because nothing else has worked. i'm super nervous!

  3. This just totally made my day. I am so the mom who hasn't read a book, asks way too many random questions and is like, "Oh. You just fed my kid something and she swallowed it and liked it. Wait, she can eat now?!" Totally. First time moms unite. You're amazing. Babes be crazy.. and yay for sleeping.


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