Mother's Day Recap

 I hope ya'll had a great weekend and Mother's Day.  It was my first official Mother's Day {but you'd better believe I still weaseled my way into gifts last year}, so to celebrate I begged Kellen for a downtown coffee date and a Balboa park day with friends.  It's been a while since we've ventured downtown, beach bums that we've become, so we dressed for the occasion - a little more hipster and put together.  I got this adorable Bloom Bando headband in the mail last week and honestly, wasn't quite sure if I'd look too much like Aunt Jemima in it, but I'm LOVING it.  Again, perfect for the quick-get-yourself-semi-cute outfit throw on that has become my life.  Hair really is the last thing I feel like doing, so I'm serious when I say - this is a slice of heaven {aside from the trucker and felt hats I've been living in}.   Also in love with the fact that I got to wear a new dress for the day!!  And no, I'm not pregnant again, it's just one of those dresses {and will TOTALLY be a go-to when I do take that plunge again}.  And let's just chat about Clement's little onsie {and cottage cheese legs OH MY LANTA}.  Cannot. Handle.  The mother-in-law and I were out consignment shopping one day and as soon as I spotted this little Hawaiian number I flipped my lid.  Adorable.  Speaking of adorable, if the kid spots leaves of any sort he cannot keep his chubby little hands off them.  He's becoming so curious and it's been so fun to see the world through his new eyes.
Dress Gap, Sandals J.Crew Factory, Headband Bloom Bando, Sunnies Mimi & Red, Necklace F21
CK: Onsie Gymboree 

For some reason {probably Instagram}, I'd totally built Mother's Day up in my head as some magical day where I could sleep until 10am, eat waffle with strawberries ans whipped cream in bed, then maybe have a spa day... basically not lift a finger.  That wasn't exactly my Mother's Day.  Last night I flopped into bed exhausted.  But such a wonderful exhausted.  Clement did let me sleep in until 8am {this is truly a miracle}, but we went nonstop all day.  Church, uber hipster coffee date, picnic in the back of the Jeep {because we were to hangry to walk to a grassy spot and actually sit down}, met up with some friends, walked around Balboa park, tried to fly a kite, listened to the biggest organ I've ever seen, managed to get a family picture, came home in time for pizza and baths and to bed flop.  And let me tell you, it was better than what Mother's Day was in my head.  I love weekends because it means that Clement and I have Kellen to play with us {and I can have adult conversation and rest my arms a bit, ha}.  So Kellen have a park adventure with us was just top notch.  Although I'm deliriously tired due to Clement's lack of sleeping through the night for the past 3 weeks {I'm not even kidding when I say multiple nights he's gotten up EIGHT times...} and having so many people visit recently {amazing.  I'd have it no other way}, I'd rather be out exploring this city with friends and family, than getting pampered all by myself.  And it's honestly amazing what your body can do to keep functioning.  I text my sister, a mama of three AND a pediatric surgeon yesterday telling her happy Mother's Day and how now that I'm a mom, she really, truly impresses me.  She's a rockstar.  How she functions, cares for her children and saves lives on a daily basis is beyond me.  Her response - "Ah, my love, you rise to the occasion" and she is just spot on.  I do things now I never, ever thought I could have done.  I sleep so much less than I ever, ever thought I could have.  I'm stronger and becoming {ever so slowly} more patient.  This motherhood thing... it's a crazy, amazing game-changer I tell ya.  And my own mother... holy cow, let me just say THANK YOU {times a million} for getting up with me multiple times in the night, for giving your body over to me to use as a jungle gym while you nourished me, for cleaning my spit-up {and having sacrificing your favorite shirts time and time again}, for sitting through ear-splitting car rides, for getting poop all over you, for making me food, and most of all for your patience and grace and unconditional love {that was just the up-to-7-months-of-life thank you since that's all I know so far, ha}.  I know you better now that I have my own babe and I appreciate you million times over.  Thanks mom.  And all you other mamas out there - you're doing so good.  So, so, so good.  Don't forget it.  Ok, that's my Mother's Day recap.  The end. ;)

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  1. It's amazing how much things change once you have kids. My kids are teenagers and I wonder how it happened so quick... Enjoy every minute with him.


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