Procrastination At It's Finest

 Just call me a super spotty blogger...  I've officially become one of those bloggers that blog when the wind blows us to do so.  Or whenever we get a hot second of free time combined with creativity.  But aside from all that, this May Gray here in San Diego has me wrapping up in this blanket scarf pretty much all day every day.  I feel like this is almost more of a fall esque post, but really that's how SD is feeling these days - more like winter than spring/summer.  And honestly, I'm ok with it - except I'm losing my tan {vain truth comes out}.  I've never been much of a silver girl - I always gravitate towards gold jewelry, but Rocksbox sent me a box full of silver and I was surprised at how much I loved it, especially these pave bar earrings.  Somehow the silver just really ties in with the gray of the blanket scarf {although I really, truly do lean more toward gold}.  No arm candy baby in this post due to a dirty diaper and mom's epic fail of back-up clothes.  The naked baby, although squishy and adorable, isn't on my top list of things to blog about... ;)
Dress Old Navy, Cardi Glamorous, Sunnies F21, Necklace House of Harlow via Rocksbox, Earrings Sophie Harper via Rocksbox, Sandals Urban Outfitters

I feel like everything in my life has come at me fast and furious.  Getting married and moving to Milwaukee... I had two months to plan all that.  Having a baby and moving to San Diego, bada bing bada boom.  Signing a lease and moving into a Point Loma apartment - two days.  So naturally, instead of packing, I'm sitting here blogging - nevermind that I have to have my life packed up in 48 hours... less than, actually.  {Kellen also brought home a trenta iced coffee today so currently I feel like I can conquer the world so why not have a blog shesh while the babe sleeps!?}  We had extended our least to July 1 due to a possible move back to Milwaukee, so when that fell through we were feeling good that we had extra time to find a place we really loved.  We had been waiting on an apartment just down the street {one block closer to the water and almost $200 cheaper... WHAT!?}, but Tuesday we found out the place we wanted had been rented out over the weekend.  I was super bummed.  I had already been planning the patio decor - full of twinkly lights, a dreamy, flowy white curtain for privacy and, of course, a kiddy pool for CK to splash in on those hot summer days.  So I pouted a little bit {read: a lot}.  Kellen reminded me that God obviously has somewhere better for us {this has been a theme in our lives the last month} and I went and hopped on Craigslist again, frustrated to be back at it - house hunting is THE WORST.  Within minutes of being on Craigslist I spotted a place in Point Loma {an area not high on our "let's move there!" list} - a steal of a deal for the amount of space and the location.  So I threw CK in the car and drove over to check it out.  The first thing I noticed was a pool.  Hello, you had me at pool.  It's been a whirlwind of two days, but God just opened up all the doors and I'm really excited about our new location.  {Well, technically, the manager is still running our background checks so there's still potential for this to fall through, ha.  Not that we're creepers or anything, promise.  That just came out weird.}  I will 100% miss our current place.  We changed our lives with the arrival of Clement in it.  It's his first home.  When he's crabby we walk the half mile to the beach.  We have picnics on grassy knolls overlooking the water.  My favorite coffee shop is a 5 minute walk {I kill for their mochas and vanilla lattes}.  We've built a little community here in the past year.  However, we've also lived like we're on vacation like all the tourists here as well.  It's about time we tightened up our belts and went back to living like normal people with savings accounts.  Being an adult is hard stuff I tell ya.  All that to say, there's a high chance I'll be loading CK up to come visit North PB for coffee and walks to our favorite beach often.  It was such a great year living the carefree Cali dream - a year I will look back on forever.  {Let's be honest, I'm being HIGHLY dramatic.  I'll only be 2 miles from the beach where we're moving.  And coffee is maybe a 15 minute walk now.  Oh the hard life I live...  Feel free to punch me now.}  Change is hard, even if it's only a 20-minute-drive-across-the-bay of a change.  But I'm so thankful for the Lord's hand in all this; in His great provision just when I'm about to throw my hands up in the air.  He's a pretty great God, putting up with my lack of trust and tantrums. 

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