Mash Up

I've always been a huge fan of mixing and mashing up styles.  Here, mixing preppy stripes and white with the boho tribal trend and gladiators.  A few other things I'm a big fan of?  This shirt.  It's got to be the COMFIEST thing I've worn in a long time - breastfeeding mama's rejoice!  Also, day-after-wedding hair.  There's so much product in it and it has so much body that my hair typically never, ever has, that it actually poofs out around my {new obsessively favorite} headband.  Even though I felt hungover with exhaustion this past Sunday, I at least felt like a million bucks in my outfit.  To me, the right outfit will just really get ya through {although I did change before the flight because I knew this shirt would never survive Clement's crazy food-slinging skills}.  One more thing I'm a big fan of - this total country scene.  It's funny how, once you're gone long enough, you become obsessed with country scenery, contrary to what I ever thought I would say.
{Shirt J.Crew, Shorts J.Crew, Sandals H&M {old}, Headband Bloom Bando, Glasses Urban Outfitters {old}}

So let's talk about flying with an 8 month old.  By FAR betting than flying with a 3 month old, screamer that he was {my experience anyway - not always the case, ha}.  Clement is such a social butterfly he had half the plane chatting it up with him, giving him big smiles, letting them play with their watches and feet {ew, I know.  I had to let go of the nagging thought of all the nasty germs he was ingesting}.  Flight attendants wanted to hold him.  He sat in the isle {praise the Lord that was kosher because my arms were exhausted} and flirted with anyone who would look at him.  After about an hour, people's attention was starting to wan and he was beginning to do his trick of yelling until someone looked at him then he'd flash the biggest smile he has.  I'm telling you, this kid knows he's cute and he knows how to work it.  Can't wait to continually address that as he grows, ha.  Isn't it funny how we are sometimes given little people who are so completely different from us?  Me?  I sit on a plane, talk to no one, ear buds in, magazine in my face.  If no one says a word to me, it's a fantastic flight.  So going from that sort of flyer to having a babe that makes you the most social being on the plane - out of my element {he's his father through and through}.  I'm already beginning to imagine how I'm going to be pulled out of my comfort zone more and more over the years.  Kellen always has tried, but he doesn't quite succeed like Clement.  I have no choice with Clement, ha.  I'm just hoping that babe number two will be an introvert and a lounger and we just can hang out while CK and dad go be crazy social together.  That's my dream.  Until then, let the social games begin, ei yi yi.

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  1. Girl, your legs look TONE. So, good job on that! Second, that top is a YES. I'll take a mid-button up any day over these stupid full button down squares I've been wearing while I breastfeed. I feel like a dude. Also, that headband is super cute! I've never been able to pull one off...maybe I lack the confidence to sport one? Maybe it's that my short hair sticks out weird underneath it? I don't know but it looks cute on you! Wish we lived closer and could talk about babies in person instead of just thru texting!! Clement is so adorable. I love his extorverted personality!


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