I have been on the hunt for a long, solid black kimono, preferably with tassels for AGES.  I spotted this one at Cotton On months ago but just wouldn't drop the whopping 25 bucks for it.  Call me cheap, it's fine.  Over Memorial Day weekend I decided to hit up the Cotton On Kids sale because I'm obsessed with their baby gear and CK is growing like nuts.  As I was walking to the check out with his haul, I saw this little fella hanging there for $10 {make me holla}.  I didn't even think twice, snatched it up and have worn it non-stop ever since {but please be kind and avert your eyes from the remains of Clement's teething crackers on the right side...  ei yi yi}.  PS, when I studied abroad in Australia my train stop happened to be located at a mall so I spent way too much of my time {and money} at Cotton On - I even have a reusable tote from that trip still ha.  When I found out Cotton On was in California I kinda, sorta flipped my lid.  It's like a beachy, funky H&M.  So basically, I love it.  Speaking of H&M, these new and improved reflective aviators are $8, so if you're in the market for a new, cheap pair, I suggest them.  100% baby-beat-up worthy and stylin all at the same time.
{Kimono Cotton On, Romper Target {old}, Shoes Crown Vintage {DSW}, Sunnies H&M, Ring Madewell}

Last week Kellen was gone for a work convention thing and, although easier than the previous trips he's taken, I was still incredibly happy to have him back home {hence all the smiles in this little photoshoot}.  This was the first time I hadn't gone up to his parents or had a friend or family member fly in to help me out with CK.  I'm actually really glad I braved it on my own.  CK has gotten so much easier and now that I'm actually getting a full nights sleep, doing it on my own doesn't seem as big of a mountain to tackle as it did before.  But don't let that fool you, Saturday I was dragging and by Sunday, I was counting down the minutes until his flight came in.  But all-in-all, SUCCESS!  I did keep a packed schedule with play-dates, coffee and donut runs {National Donut Day, duh.  Standing in line for 30 minutes with a friend and tons of people to entertain your child will for sure help the day go by} and Sunday brunches.  I am so thankful for the friends I have found here and although forging those newbie relationships can be a little first-date-awkward, totally worth it.  And when the sun finally comes out to play and we break into the 70s again, I mean really, who can complain...  It was such a fun week of exploring our new little neighborhood, although I can't wait for the day I don't have to use Maps to get to Target, Trader Joe's or the gym...  Oh the joys of moving, ha.  But back to Kellen... yea he's home!!  Ha.  Don't mind that circular paragraph.  My mind is all over the place today.  Maybe too many Best Drink Evers {my favorite drink at a local shop, Better Buzz, which has a drive-thru.  With a baby... um, #winning!}?

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